OPAL College London


OPAL COLLEGE LONDON is one of the most promising new independent Colleges of Higher and Further Education in the United Kingdom. We offer a range of Diploma, Higher Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and professional courses in IT, Business, Marketing, Accounting, Health and Social Care, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management together with a range of vocationally orientated pre-university courses designed to better prepare students for the rigours of degree education.

We aim to earn a reputation for providing quality courses at fees that give outstanding value for money. We are confident of being able to do this because our independence means we control our own fees. However, our competitive fee tariff is not at the expense of quality.

The College is located in a vibrant, multi cultural area of London. We believe we have a unique understanding of the educational needs of students. There is a discernible family atmosphere at OPAL COLLEGE LONDON. By university standards we are a comparatively small educational community, but this will enable us to know every one of our our students as individuals - something which I believe is crucial to ensuring a student's success in higher education.

The College is an exciting environment in which to meet new friends, where people from Britain, China, Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in Europe can meet. The culture is rich and diverse, with students bringing myriad different perspectives to all areas of college life.

We have a distinctive academic ethos. There are two points in particular which I would like to make in this regard. Firstly, we are a creative learning and development institution whose teaching strategies are designed to ensure that our students succeed throughout their studies and in the future. We adopt an 'open door' policy, have an appreciation for working with and through issues of human difference and diversity and, as such, there is an emphasis on individual attention and differentiation. Secondly, we have a highly developed and experienced pastoral care system which has been projected as one of the keys to our success in the near future - we care about all our students. Qualifications achieved through Opal College London enjoy international recognition. A qualification gained through OCL is a key to a successful and exciting future.



Opal College London
Duru House
101 Commercial Road

E1 1RD London, England, United Kingdom

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