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Glenville State College often referred to as the Lighthouse on the Hill, is West Virginia's only centrally located public college. Founded in 1872 to provide instruction and practice for common school teachers in the science of education, Glenville State College has surpassed its original mission, and currently prepares students for careers in teaching, business, land resources, music, the liberal arts, the sciences, criminal justice, and human services. With an enrollment of approximately 1,800 students, the college boasts an average class size of 15. The College's enrollment is made up of students from 24 states and 3 countries, and proudly includes many first-generation and minority students.

Our Mission

Glenville State College provides a tradition of high-quality education through innovation in the design, delivery, and evaluation of programs and services, workforce development, and comprehensive student services; a community of active learners dedicated to lifelong learning, effective teaching, applied for scholarship, creative activities, and service; leadership that promotes excellence in learning, teaching, cultural vitality, and economic development in a global community. Philosophy & Core Values Glenville State College was established in 1872 for the purpose of providing quality educational opportunities to the citizens of West Virginia. Originally founded as a teacher’s college, Glenville State College remains a leader in preparing teachers. Along with its emphasis on teacher preparation, the college has responded to the needs of West Virginia and has developed additional programs in a variety of areas. The college is committed to six core values: student-centered, community, integrity, tradition, leadership and family. Student-Centered The student comes first at Glenville State, and our organizational processes and decisions are guided by what is best for the student. We strive to remove barriers and enhance the learning experience, and every faculty and staff member and administrator is personally committed to serving students inefficient and responsive ways regardless of whom, when or where. Community We are a community of learners who value our cohesive relationships with one another. We seek inclusiveness through listening and collaboration. We are collectively supportive at all times through open communication and we work together as a team on campus, wherever our work takes us, and in the communities where we live or serve. Integrity We are always truthful, ethical and accountable for doing what we say we will do. We demonstrate open trust, respect for our diversity and fairness in all we do. We are responsive, consistent and committed to continuous improvement in all areas. Tradition We are proud of our rich tradition of providing high-quality educational opportunities and the value of education for creating futures. We keep our traditions alive as a way of celebrating our past accomplishments and as a foundation for responding to new opportunities and challenges in an ever-changing world. Leadership We recognize a solemn responsibility to lead. We prepare for our society leaders who are thoughtful, productive, engaged, and responsive citizens. We continually foster innovation, which enriches learning environments, and we demonstrate excellence through our educational programs and services. Family, We are a strong family as reflected in our caring, nurturing and marked friendliness, which sets us apart from others. We uphold a culture that respects each other and our diversity, while being supportive individually and as a team. We actively communicate and engage our extended family, whether they are parents, alumni or other friends of our institution.

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This school also offers:


Baccalaureate in Criminal Justice

Campus Full time September 2018 USA Charleston

The Department of Criminal Justices offers courses in Crime Scene Management, Police Practices and Procedures, Technology for Investigations, Juvenile Justice System, and more. [+]

Baccalaureate in Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justices offers courses in Crime Scene Management, Police Practices and Procedures, Technology for Investigations, Juvenile Justice System, and more.

We host camps in which high school students learn to interview witnesses and suspects, investigate a crime scene, take fingerprints, and collect evidence. Our college students get to hone their skills in the Criminal Justice House, locally referred to as the Crime Scene House.


Baccalaureate in Natural Resource Management

Campus Full time September 2018 USA Charleston

The baccalaureate degree in Natural Resource Management provides students with the knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and decision-making competencies to protect and use effectively our renewable resources. [+]

Baccalaureate in Natural Resource Management

The Department of Land Resources prides itself on its hands-on approach to learning. Students are provided experiences that duplicate real world applications as closely as possible. Housed in the Land plenty Center within the Waco Center, the Department has state-of-the-art facilities and about 300 acres of land adjacent to the building for outdoor projects. A greenhouse and sawmill are located on the property for student use along with storage buildings for timber harvesting equipment. A computer lab is available for the appropriate classes. The lab contains computers, plotters, a scanner, and software that replicate those used in government, business, and industry offices. A wide array of hand tools, large equipment, and instruments suitable for field labs are available to enhance instruction and learning. Global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) technologies are used in several classes.... [-]