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Our commitment is to Educate for Service. We believe that learning is most noble when used to benefit others, regardless of chosen career path. We prepare our students to lead rich lives of purpose and meaning, while advancing independent thought, personal integrity and social responsibility. These are the foundations for a life of learning. The College fosters values of peace, non-violence, human dignity and social justice.

At a Glance

Elizabethtown College is a selective, independent, residential coeducational college located on an attractive 203-acre campus in south central Pennsylvania. Its approximately 1,800 undergraduates hail from nearly 30 states and 40 foreign countries.


Elizabethtown College was chartered in 1899 by members of the Church of the Brethren who were interested in establishing an institution of higher education for their denomination in eastern Pennsylvania.


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania is located in western Lancaster County. The College is also a short drive from the state capital, Harrisburg, and popular entertainment destination, Hershey.


  • 203-acre campus
  • Academic Buildings
  • Residential Halls
  • Performance Venues and Galleries


  • 17 academic departments offer 45 undergraduate majors, 100+ minors/concentrations, and 25 cooperative programs with other institutions
  • Core curriculum emphasizing the arts, humanities and sciences to develop interpersonal communication, writing, creative thinking and decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • 12:1 student/faculty ratio
  • 18 students in average undergraduate class
  • Offers Honors Program and several honor societies
  • More than 264,000 volumes in circulation at High Library
  • Four master's programs


  • 129 full-time faculty
  • 92 percent of full-time faculty hold doctorate or terminal degree in field

Student Life

  • Approximately 1,800 undergraduate students
  • 85 percent of students live on campus
  • 80+ clubs and organizations


  • 22 NCAA Division III athletic teams
  • Intramural and club sports


  • Named to Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
  • Ranked in U.S. News & World Report"s "Best Colleges" in the Northeast
  • First in commitment to teaching
  • The "best value" in the region
  • Fourth overall among baccalaureate colleges
  • Member of the Leadership Consortium for the Association of American Colleges and Universities" national initiative "Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility"
  • Recent graduates were awarded Fulbright, Rhodes and Goldwater scholarships


  • Middle States Commission for Higher Education, (MSCHE)
  • American Chemical Society for Clinical Lab Services, (ACS)
  • National Association of Schools of Music, (NASM)
  • National Council on Social Work Education, (CSWE)
  • Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education, (ACOTE)
  • Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, (ACBSP)
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET for Computer Engineering and Engineering

Our Mission

Molded by a commitment to educate for service, Elizabethtown College is a community of learners dedicated to educating students intellectually, socially, aesthetically and ethically for lives of service and leadership as citizens of the world. As a comprehensive institution, the College offers academic programs in the liberal arts, sciences and professional studies. Combining classroom instruction with experiential learning, these programs advance independent thought, personal integrity and social responsibility as the foundations for a life of learning. Founded by members of the Church of the Brethren, the College believes that learning is most noble when used to benefit others and affirms the values of peace, non-violence, human dignity and social justice.

A Transformative Educational Experience

The impact of an Elizabethtown College education is long-lasting and far-reaching because it is deeply transformative. Students acquire new habits of mind and heart—some in the course of the undergraduate experience, others as students grow beyond college.

The Qualities of Our Education

Our educational experience blends a high standard of scholarship with four signature attributes, which include commitments to educate our students in a relationship-centered learning community, to foster in our students international and cross-cultural perspectives, to complement classroom instruction with experiential-learning opportunities, and to prepare our students for purposeful lives and meaningful work.

Relationship-Centered Learning

Our educational programs engage students in ways that capture their most profound attention, confront them with learning experiences that are compelling, and call out from them responses that reach beyond what even they thought possible. In this learning community, our faculty members and other employees demonstrate their passion for their subjects and for continued learning so that our students see how compelling deep engagement is. Students receive personal attention, as all employees commit to expressing sincere and genuine interest in the educational success of our students. Our College's classes deliberately are kept small to support our students' individual needs and challenge them to grow.

International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Elizabethtown offers a globalized curriculum and co-curriculum. Programs of study and development help students understand and effectively engage with other cultures and the globalization of life and work. Our staff includes faculty members and other employees who are citizens of countries from around the world, who speak a multitude of languages, and who have had myriad study and residential experiences on other continents. Students study alongside students from other cultures. Additionally, they encounter our international world when they visit, study in or live in cities as diverse as Harrisburg, Philadelphia, London, Beijing and Quito.

Experiential Learning

Elizabethtown seeks to broaden the contexts for student learning by fostering educational experiences through which students learn by doing. Through this experiential learning, students develop the aptitude to link theory and experience, and they are better prepared to continue learning throughout their lifetime. These opportunities are available through internships and externships, field placement assignments, independent and collaborative research projects, service-learning and civic engagement, leadership development and campus enjoyment.

Purposeful Life Work

In both the curriculum and cocurriculum, the College's educational program fosters an understanding of education for a life of purpose based on a holistic model of student development that integrates career development; reflection on vocation, meaning and life; and a commitment to civic engagement. As a result, graduates of Elizabethtown are prepared to make the world a better place. They do so, in part, by living in ways that reflect their individual commitments, respond to the needs of others, and value personal and ethical integrity.

Our Philosophy

Elizabethtown College engages students in a dynamic, integrated learning process that blends the liberal arts and professional studies. Challenged to take responsibility for their education, students at Elizabethtown embark on a journey of self-transformation that involves intellectual, social, and personal growth.

The College is committed to educating the whole person within a relationship-centered learning community where common goals are achieved through engagement in a rigorous academic curriculum and thoughtful co-curricular experiences. Students are encouraged to develop and challenge their own values, while seeking to understand and appreciate alternative perspectives. Embedded in an ever-changing global context, the College promotes the developmental, collaborative and complex nature of learning.

In seeking to "educate for service," Elizabethtown College believes that students can perform no greater service than they do when sharing knowledge and creativity with others. Opportunities to strengthen scholarship and leadership extend beyond the classroom, and students learn actively through practical experiences and civic engagement.

The impact of an Elizabethtown College education is long lasting and far-reaching because it is deeply transformative. Students acquire new habits of mind and heart–some in the course of the undergraduate experience, others as students grow beyond college.

At Elizabethtown College, students are inspired and challenged to:

  • Assume responsibility for their intellectual development, personal growth and well-being. Students will learn to sharpen their curiosity and become aware of the capabilities, strategies and resources needed to learn.
  • Reason, analyze and engage in critical thinking. Students will make, systematically evaluate, and, if necessary, refute arguments and claims—both their own and those of others.
  • Demonstrate thoughtful and articulate communication by applying knowledge in a variety of contexts, including writing, speaking, listening and interpretation.
  • Understand the creative process and its role in human expression, and cultivate the ability to make informed aesthetic judgments.
  • Navigate diverse cultural worldviews and perspectives, with the realization that differing frames of reference influence analysis, communication and behavior.
  • Make reflective ethical decisions and act with integrity to seek just outcomes with relationships, communities and society.
  • Apply and integrate different strands of learning and comprehend interconnections in the process of gaining knowledge and experience.
  • Identify and cultivate a sense of purpose that inspires a commitment to meaningful work in service to society.
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


BSc in Biology

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Elizabethtown

The Department of Biology at Elizabethtown College offers a research-grounded curriculum with opportunities to pursue studies in a wide variety of biology-related fields. [+]

The Department of Biology at Elizabethtown College offers a research-grounded curriculum with opportunities to pursue studies in a wide variety of biology-related fields. Small class sizes, even in the first semester, hands-on lab experiences, field work and research opportunities prepare you for the world beyond college, whether you are interested in pursuing graduate school, medical school or finding a rewarding job! A degree in Biology prepares you for graduate school and the workforce by giving you the skills to observe, interpret and analyze the world around you. While in the Department, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in faculty-supervised research, study abroad, and apply your classroom learning to solve community problems. You’ll make connections every day between what you learn and how you can use your skills to advance in your field. Within the Biology major, you can choose from four concentrations to target your career aspirations: Biological Sciences Concentration: Prepares the student for a biologically-related profession or for graduate school. By learning to design and carry out experiments, understand ethical scientific practice, analyze data and develop proficiency with lab equipment, you’ll be prepared for your next step after graduation. Pre-Medicine Concentration: Prepares the student for entry into professional schools of medicine and related fields such as allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry and podiatric medicine. Allied Health Concentration: Prepares the student for entry into the professional allied health science programs such as physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and other professional health fields through cooperative programs. Secondary Education Concentration: Prepares the student for receipt of Pennsylvania Secondary Education Certification within the framework of the Biology major. This program provides a strong background in the biological sciences, while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements for secondary teaching certification. You’ll develop fundamental knowledge of biology and the lab experience to make you marketable, and you’ll be trained in classroom management and best practices, as well as complete a student teaching semester. This curriculum prepares students for the rigors of graduate school, professional schools of medicine and allied health, and biologically oriented employment opportunities. Student Learning Outcomes for Biology: Students will be able to: Recall, synthesize, and apply material from multiple disciplines including biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Effectively research, synthesize, and communicate scientific information with an understanding of the importance of ethical scientific practice. Design and carry out experiments to address biological questions. Critically analyze and formulate logical conclusions from data. Effectively demonstrate common laboratory techniques, doing so in accordance with accepted safety standards. [-]

BSc in Engineering

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Elizabethtown

Our Engineering program is designed around attention to the needs of individual students and a breadth of engineering knowledge and skills. The Program Education Objectives encapsulate the values and goals of Elizabethtown College within the current and emerging needs of industry and society: [+]

The Engineering major is a rigorous program designed to lead to a technical career in industry or graduate school in engineering. The Engineering degree with concentrations in Mechanical, Electrical, and Sustainable Design is accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012, telephone: (410) 347-7700. Our Engineering program is designed around attention to the needs of individual students and a breadth of engineering knowledge and skills. The Program Education Objectives encapsulate the values and goals of Elizabethtown College within the current and emerging needs of industry and society: 1) Elizabethtown Engineering graduates develop distinguished careers in a wide variety of technical and non-technical fields, utilizing the skills developed through a broad engineering curriculum complemented by strong engagement with the liberal arts. In particular, students are equipped to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions to challenging problems within fields integrating electrical and mechanical systems within the context of sustainable design; 2) Our graduates become industry and civic leaders in a variety of fields as skilled problem solvers. Graduates possess the multidisciplinary background to help shape solutions and define the problems faced by our rapidly changing world and global marketplace; 3) Graduating students embrace and adapt to emerging technologies, supported by the combination of a strong foundation in underlying theory and proficiency with modern engineering tools. Graduates have the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation to pursue advanced degrees, licensing as a Professional Engineer (PE) or certifications such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED); 4) Our graduates value the opportunity to utilize their professional skills to meet the needs of their local communities and our shared global community, finding fulfillment serving the needs of others with creativity, personal drive and accountability, humility, and unwavering ethics. Student Learning Outcomes for Engineering: Students will be able to: Apply basic and advanced principles of mathematics, science, and engineering. Design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data. Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. Function on multi-disciplinary teams. Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems. Understand and commit to professional and ethical responsibility. Communicate effectively orally and in writing. Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. Recognize the need for, and engage in life-long learning and professional growth. Understand contemporary issues. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. [-]


BA in Business Administration

Campus Full time September 2017 USA Elizabethtown

Study at one of the top Business Administration programs in Pennsylvania. A Business Administration degree from E-town College provides you with a comprehensive education and the solid foundation you need to enter a variety of business and leadership careers. [+]

Study at one of the top Business Administration programs in Pennsylvania. A Business Administration degree from E-town College provides you with a comprehensive education and the solid foundation you need to enter a variety of business and leadership careers. Whether you are looking to start your own business or work up to managing one, our flexible program will provide you with the necessary skills and business acumen. Flexible. Specialized. Goal-oriented. Preparation to become a business leader requires a broad background in business, a global perspective, a knowledge of the behavioral and social sciences, and the ability to use quantitative techniques in solving problems. The business core, the Core Program, and specific quantitative requirements provide this background. A student will gain further understanding of specific areas of business by concentrating in one of six areas: Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing. Our Business Administration major is flexible, yet specialized. You'll choose from one of six concentrations to help you develop specific skills and explore your areas of interest within business: Accounting: A concentration in accounting will help you better understand how financial statements of an organization are prepared for presentation to the investing public. This knowledge will help you as a business leader to understand and assess the financial implications of business decisions and the effect these decisions may have on your company's ability to obtain additional capital. Economics: A concentration in economics enables you to understand decision making by consumers and firms, the allocation of resources in society, and the role of government in a market economy. Entrepreneurship: The goal of entrepreneurship at E-town is to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset that inspires an entrepreneurial life that goes beyond launching a start-up or owning a business. Entrepreneurship is also about being entrepreneurial while working for others or getting involved in the community and becoming a social entrepreneur. Finance: The finance concentration teaches you about the principles of investing, financial institutions management, foreign-exchange risk management and financial transactions such as leasing, mergers and acquisitions. Management: Want to run a company or take over the family business? This concentration sharpens your soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and communication, helps you discover your unique leadership style, and improves your ability to work with diverse people in a team setting. It also focuses on essential human resource competencies, advanced legal principles and managing technology and innovation in a changing environment. Marketing: Every company asks about its customers: What do we know about them? How do we get and keep them? Why should they buy from us? In marketing, we are chiefly concerned with being better at satisfying the customer than our competitors can. If we manage that, we bring in money to pay the bills and put food on the table. If we don’t, the company sinks for want of customers. Interested in ensuring your company’s growth? Come join us in marketing. We offer a major and minor in business administration. Student Learning Outcomes for Business Administration: Students will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental theories and principles in each functional area. Integrate and apply knowledge across functional areas. Communicate clearly and concisely in written, verbal, and numerical forms. The Department of Business pairs you with an advisor from your chosen area of concentration. This professor works with you to choose courses and obtain internships that best prepare you for a career in your field of interest. Located in central Pennsylvania, our Business Administration major is well positioned to connect you with both large and small companies to help you gain experience and hone your business skills.This preparation has helped our business students obtain jobs and internships in a variety of companies. Some of these companies are: Armstrong World Industries Coca-Cola Enterprises Ernst & Young High Construction Company The Hershey Company Kellogg Company Procter & Gamble Lancaster General Hospital Vanguard Wells Fargo [-]

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