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History of Siam Technology College

Siam Technology College is a private education institution under the Office of the Higher Education Commission. The aspiration of the Siam Technology College is to manage education in order to create graduates both undergraduate and postgraduate degree with theories and practical section in varieties areas, by providing academic and professional skills for students to be able to keep up the pace with the rapid changes of technologies. Graduates who graduated from Siam Technology College have desirable features that meet the labor market, as the graduates use their wisdom and professional skills to help the country develop economic and social, especially in the industrial era (Industrialization). Siam As the commitment of Siam Technology College to approach into an industrialized country like Thailand, but there is a shortage of qualified personnel with knowledge and skills that ready to propel our country into the path that Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit hoped for. Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit is one of the epitomes that have commitment responsibilities for social needs that he has foreseen of the employees' shortages with qualities of industrial skills. So with that commitment, Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit decided to open Thailand’s first private vocational institution in order to provided knowledge and skills of Industrial Arts in 1965, with the named “Siam Institution of Technology”, which demonstrated the extensive visions with determination and aim to move forward. For many decades “Siam Institution of Technology has changed their name to “Siam Technology College (Siam Tech)”, by adding Commercial Department to the curriculum, from that Siam Technology College (Siam Tech) stood at the forefront of another vocational school in Thailand with a quality education from first day until present day. The growth and commitment of the institution are such apparent to the youth and society in Thailand to be the leader, not the follower. Siam In 2005, it’s the mark of 40th years of the institution and it’s a new step to the journey to the destination that according to Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit auspicious. Then Siam Technology College (Siam Tech) has established new campaign called “Siam Technology College” to continue Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit’s commitment to reciprocate social needs, to created workforces with higher quality and higher qualifications, by providing a combination of theoretical knowledge and professional skills together, thru measurement of practical performance under current conditions with modern technologies which developed rapidly, then the "Siam Technology College" was opened in 2006. Siam Technology College has areas total of 816.75 square meters adjacent to “Siam Technology College (Siam Tech), by separating between two institutions proportionately. In the first year of "Siam Technology College", the highlight is about the continuation of education for graduates, who graduated from the “Siam Technology College (Siam Tech)”. Siam Technology College opened bachelor degree in technology and business administration that supports all of the courses at Siam Technology College (Siam Tech). Then after that Siam Technology College expanded more majors that needed by both Thai business and industry, focusing on education continuity and equality of other students who graduated from other institutions.

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BA Tesol

Campus Full time Part time June 2019 Thailand Bangkok

In the BA TESOL Program, you will earn an internationally recognized BA in TESOL + Diplomas in Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax and TESOL Methodology. [+]

BA Tesol In the BA TESOL Program, you will earn an internationally recognized BA in TESOL + Diplomas in Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax and TESOL Methodology Study and live in the beautiful and majestic, Thailand With a possible 1 year visa when you register for a full year of classes Non-refundable registration fee of 5,000 baht per year 5000 baht yearly administration fee on the date that you initially registered Pay only a very affordable fee Pricing: 1000 baht per credit (120 credits) No Degree? You are not alone. We’ve had over 250 teachers join the BA TESOL Program over the last three years, due to schools continually expecting teachers to have more qualifications. Work, earn and even get a degree, from Siam Technology College, fully accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. Apply now, and better your life for the future by earning a BA in TESOL through Siam Technology College. ... [-]