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The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the charter by the president of United Republic of Tanzania. The first academic programmes commenced in September 2007.

The University has been designed on a campus college mode each of which will be semi-autonomous. In its structure, the university has six colleges. These are:

  1. College of Education
  2. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. College of Informatics and Virtual Education
  4. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  5. College of Health and Allied Sciences
  6. College of Earth Sciences
  7. College of Business Studies and Law

UDOM initially started with four schools, namely Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and informatics. Currently, six colleges are Operational. These are College of Education, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Informatics and Virtual Education, College of Earth Sciences, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and the College of Health Sciences.



The Goal is, To increase the contribution of higher education in Tanzania's attainment of economic growth, reduction of poverty and improved social well-being of Tanzanians through increased access to higher education, technological innovation, generation and application of knowledge.


The Vision of the University is to become a centre of excellence that offers value-added training, research and public services.


The Mission of the University is to provide comprehensive, gender sensitive and quality education to a broad segment of the population through teaching, research and public services in the fields of education, health and allied sciences, natural sciences, earth sciences, informatics and communication technology, business, humanities and social sciences.


The broad objective of establishing UDOM is to create in Tanzania a place where knowledge will be transferred from one generation to another, a place where through relevant teaching and learning processes human capital vested with knowledge and skills for economic development of Tanzania will be produced, and through relevant research the frontiers of knowledge will be advanced and provide solutions to the people's suffering.


Zanzibar City

University of Dodoma
Zanzibar City, Zanzibar Urban/West Region, Tanzania


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