The University of Gothenburg has approximately 38,000 students and 5,900 employees. It is one of the major universities in northern Europe. We are also one of the most popular universities in Sweden – the University of Gothenburg has the highest number of applicants to many programmes and courses.

The University’s roughly 40 different Departments cover most scientific disciplines, making it one of Sweden’s broadest and most wide-ranging higher education institutions.

In an international perspective too, the University of Gothenburg is unusually comprehensive, with cutting-edge research in a number of dynamic research areas. Cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, society at large and trade and industry has been consistently strengthened and intensified over recent years, as have international contacts and collaborative projects with partners abroad.

Committed to a sustainable development

The University of Gothenburg was one of the first universities to sign the COPERNICUS charter for sustainable development in 1993. The University thus committed itself to sustainable development in research, education as well as environmental management, i.e. purchase, waste disposal and chemicals etc.

Centres of expertise and research at the University of Gothenburg

A centre of expertise and research serves as a meeting point for students and researchers as well as representatives from the commercial, industrial and public sectors. Centres of expertise and research are cross-disciplinary and may include several academic subjects, faculty areas and higher education institutions. The purpose of these centres is to manage areas and topics of interest that by nature span across several academic disciplines.

There are around 30 centres of expertise and research at the University of Gothenburg. There are also other interaction and networking groups.

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By designing smart and efficient IT-solutions we can influence the future of peoples’ lives. People who – with the help of technology and management ... [+]

BSc in Software Engineering and Management By designing smart and efficient IT-solutions we can influence the future of peoples’ lives. People who – with the help of technology and management – create innovative products are sought after around the world.Software Engineering is about methods for developing computer applications, asking the right questions to the customer, translating customer answers into design and managing projects, organizations and employees in this work. This requires that you have good technical skills, the capability to analyze a problem, that you can estimate time and cost for a larger development project and that you can communicate and interact with customers and other partners in a big software development project.The Software Engineering and Management programme is an international programme that is open to students from around the world. The faculty has an international profile and all courses are taught in English. Today, we have students from the US, India, Bulgaria, China, Canada, France, Greece, Iceland, New Zealand, Latvia and many other countries. This offers a unique environment in which you learn to work in culturally mixed groups – just as you might do in your future career as a professional software engineer.A key element of the curriculum is the focus on project-based and problem-based learning. Each term students break out into groups to work on a project that develops or applies IT to a significant social or organizational problem. This approach allows you to work on large projects that provide you with the opportunity to create a... [-]

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