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CIS - College for International Studies was founded in 1981, an American University, is located in the very heart of Madrid in one of the loveliest parts of the city. Our building is easily accessible and in an extremely safe area. We take great pride in offering European students an American higher education closer to home just as much as we do in offering Americans precisely what they are used to, only here in Spain.

CIS-Endicott Is an uncommonly tight-knit learning community, which is often described as “like a big family.” Administrators and professors do everything they can to ensure that our students are comfortable as we guide them through what will ultimately be one of the biggest events of their lives in an exceedingly international setting — in many cases in a foreign country. Every member of our staff and faculty at CIS- Endicott have lived and studied abroad, so we understand the needs of our non-Spanish students who make Madrid their temporary home, as well as the needs of our Spanish students who will ultimately finish up their Bachelor’s Degree elsewhere.

American System Advantages

The American Higher Education System has been implemented around the world at some of the best, and most successful institutions on the planet.

The principal advantages of the “American System” are as follows:

  • Lower risk of academic failure. Since young people seldom know with 100% certainty what they want to be doing ten years from now, students are not required to be locked into an area of study, in some cases, as early as their sophomore year of high school. In fact, students are not even required to definitively choose upon beginning college. Students are encouraged to choose a focus or major, but certainly not penalized should they change their mind during the first two years of their studies, which mostly involve general education requirements that are nearly universal for all degree programs. By year three, students are required to make a decision, but then again, students in year three are typically in a better position to make such a determination.
  • It is very easy to change degrees programs because the general courses that are required in all majors offered at CIS-Endicott remain consistent whether a student is studying business or journalism. Likewise, should a student change from business to journalism, the business courses satisfy the free electives included in general coursework. This truly is the most flexible system in the world, and we believe young students need time and freedom to discover who they are instead of being academically locked into something they could one day regret and resent.
  • The credit system is consistent among American Colleges and Universities around the world, so transferring is also relatively simple.
  • Students organize and design their own course schedule under the supervision and guidance of our experienced deans.
  • It is based more on the practical application of concepts than theory. We profoundly believe that students learn better by actually doing what they are studying than they do by simply attempting to memorize data. The data is important, but there needs to be a less abstract way of thinking about it in order to make sure the information is truly learned.
  • There are weekly assignments, so studying is done daily as opposed to cramming at the end of semester for exams. Developing study skills in such a way tends to become a lifelong asset.
  • Continuous evaluation favors consistency and encourages students to do their best even if they perform worse-than-expected on an exam or project since they have a multitude of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and ability.
  • Students are motivated by many short term goals, as well as by being largely responsible for their own study schedule and workload.

Academic Partner: Endicott College

Since 1995, CIS - The College for International Studies has worked closely with our academic partner, Endicott College, a partnership that allows students enrolled in CIS to receive Endicott College credits. Every year, 40% of our full degree-seeking students transfer to Endicott College’s campus in beautiful Beverly, Massachusetts to finish up the final two years of their Bachelor’s Degree.

Upon completion of their first two years at CIS-Endicott Madrid, students are offered the opportunity to apply for a transfer to any American university in the world to finish their degree, stay with us for select programs, or transfer directly to Endicott College in Massachusetts, as many of our students logically do.

Interesting Facts about Endicott:

  • Founded in 1939.
  • Located approximately 30 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • More than 2400 students attend each year.
  • Large American campus with its own beaches, cafeterias, gyms, study rooms, dining halls, student residences, sports fields, stores, and everything a student could ever need right on campus. It’s comparable to living in a small city.
  • American university atmosphere.
  • Very safe campus for foreign, and national students.
  • One of the top 25 Regional Universities North (an increase from #34 in 2018)

An overwhelming majority (95%) of CIS students who ultimately graduated from Endicott College in Massachusetts tell us that the experience was both academically and personally enriching and that they highly recommend Endicott College.


In 1995, The College for International Studies and Endicott College entered into an affiliation agreement whereby CIS students who are enrolled in Endicott College academic programs receive Endicott College Credit, which can be transferred to any US college or university.

Endicott College (Massachusetts, USA) is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

CIS is authorized by the Community of Madrid as a foreign university in Spain (B.O.C.M. April 6th, 1998).


Community of Madrid

Calle de Velázquez,140
28006 Community of Madrid, Spain


Hale Street 376
01915 Beverly, Massachusetts, USA

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