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Established in 1755 Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is the oldest and the most famous university in Russia. Today Moscow State University offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. More than 40,000 graduate and post-graduate students, and about 7,000 undergraduates study at the university, and over 5,000 specialists take MSU refresher courses each year. It is a centre of research science famous for its major scientific schools the university is to count 11 Nobel Prize winners among its professors and alumni.

Moscow State University comprises 40 faculties and schools,15 research institutes, 23 scientific and applied centres, 4 museums, the Science Park, the Botanical Gardens, The Library, the University Publishing House and printing shop, a recreational centre and a boarding school for talented children. 8 dormitories housing for 12,000 students.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (Lomonosov MSU BS) founded in 1989 at Moscow State University is one of the oldest business schools in Russia.

Lomonosov MSU BS’s programmes (Bachelor of Management, Master in International Business, MBA, Executive MBA Programmes and Doctoral Programme (PhD) are designed to meet the most sophisticated needs of modern Russian and foreign students. Lomonosov MSU BS successfully integrates the traditional approach with new approaches that view teaching management as a contemporary art of doing business.

Having strong connections with Russian business world, Lomonosov MSU BS also offers tailor-made corporate programmes. The ambition to be the best is rewarded by our graduates’ recognition – Lomonosov MSU BS was ranked #1 in Russia according to the surveys held by the leading business magazine "Secret Firmy" in 2007, 2008 and 2010. In 2011 Lomonosov MSU BS was named one of the “Best business school in Eastern Europe” by Eduniversal ranking.

Lomonosov MSU BS is a leader in Russian management education, proud to be recognized by business and academic communities for:

  • action-oriented graduates who embrace an enterprise perspective and lead with integrity, vision, judgment, ethical commitment and social responsibility;
  • high-quality, outstanding student-centred teaching provided by dedicated full-time, associate and visiting international faculty using a variety of management education technologies, such as case method, teamwork projects, state of the art business simulations and hands-on experience;
  • integrated and innovative curriculum and course materials attuned to the lifelong learning needs of current and future business leaders;
  • managerially relevant research in collaboration with our strategic partner, The Institute for Complex Strategic Studies (ICSS)
  • mutually strengthening partnerships with Russian and international business organizations, government and civil society leaders that introduce Lomonosov MSU BS students to the real world of business.

The mission of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Lomonosov MSU BS trains students to become successful managers by opening up new international horizons to them and enhancing their competitiveness through development a modern vision, global thinking and behaviour that respects moral, ethical and legal standards. The second component of the MSU BS’s mission is the development and publication of high-quality educational materials on the basis of scientific and applied research.

The Lomonosov MSU BS`s goal is to bolster the art, theory and technology of business and management. By preparing strategically focused, skilful and ethical managers, the School contribute to the development of a civilized, competitive business reality in Russia and around the world.The Lomonosov MSU Business School is working to accomplish its mission and achieve its goal by providing students with the highest-quality management education possible, an education that fully aligned with international standards for quality assurance in higher education.


Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSU BS) prepares highly qualified, ethically and strategically minded managers who can make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, take a risk and bear responsibility, thus contributing to building a civilised business in Russia.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSU BS) is one of the oldest business schools in Russia. Since its foundation in 1989 to the present day, MSU BS strives for the continuous development and excellence. From year to year, MSU BS occupies first places in the international and Russian business school rankings, indicating that business, students, alumni and the academic community highly appreciate the quality of education and the unique opportunities offered by the school. MSU BS is the co-founder of the association ABEST21 and an active participant of the leading international associations in the field of business and management, as well as the partner of the leading international business schools. In 2011, the MSU BS programme "Bachelor of management" was awarded a prestigious international accreditation EPAS (European Program Accreditation System), confirming the high quality and internationalisation of the programme, as well as the close ties of the educational process with business practice.

Integrate. The path to success lies in partnerships

Embrace Change. Change faster than the surroundings

Strive to Develop. See growth as both a tool and a goal

Push the Limits. Recognise opportunities where others see threats

Aim for Student and Faculty Excellence. Succeed in the end but lay the foundation at the beginning

Work as a Team. Create synergies

Shape the Future Today. Ensure excellence tomorrow

Aspire to the possibilities of the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow will soon be yesterday

Seek Opportunities. Meaningful changes occur on the periphery of vision

Differentiate. Create value and work towards success by daring to differ

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Bachelor of Management

Campus Full time 8 semesters September 2018 Russia Moscow

As an integral part of a classical university education, liberal arts form the core of the Bachelor of Management programme where economics and other social science are emphasized. Core professional disciplines are introduced in the first year of study. [+]

Bachelor of Management

Core Liberal Arts, Management Knowledge and Experience

As an integral part of a classical university education, liberal arts form the core of the Bachelor of Management programme where economics and other social science are emphasized. Core professional disciplines are introduced in the first year of study.

A highly selective admissions policy and an optimized annual intake of 80 students guarantee an individualized approach to all Lomonosov M.S.U. BS undergraduates.


Lomonosov M.S.U. BS’s teaching philosophy “Action-Reflection-Learning” is especially relevant in the Bachelor of Management programme. Whenever possible, professors use active methods of teaching: practical exercises, case studies, business games, and team projects.... [-]