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History: Atlântica

Atlântica was born in 1996 as an institution of public interest, which sought to be a reference oriented to the creation, transmission and diffusion of knowledge, science and technology through the articulation of study, teaching, research and experimental development.

Managed by EIA - Teaching, Research and Administration SA, an institute established in 1993 with the objective of developing a quality higher education institution, recognized for its ability to train professionals of excellence in the labor market, was based on university professors, researchers, financial institutions, institutional groups, service and studies companies, and the Municipality of Oeiras, which until 2014 remained the main shareholder. In 1996 began the first degrees in the field of Management, Environment, Territory, ICT and Management in Health and in 2001 was created the School of Health Atlântica . Since then, Atlântica has broadened its scientific interests and consolidated its teaching and research strands.

In 2014, Carbures acquired 87% of the capital stock of EIA, expressing its intention to contribute to a change in higher education in Portugal, by fostering the link between industry - higher education university - research, materialized through the creation of a technological pole of development in the field of materials engineering and aeronautical engineering sciences - its core business.

This collaboration will allow transferring knowledge of the Company to the University, in a bi-annual relationship, to train graduates, masters and doctors, future professionals, with competencies really useful to the company, but also allow the university to support the company in research and technological development projects. Through this new teaching model that privileges the university / company integration, transversal and complementary knowledge areas (health, business sciences, information technologies, engineering) and a strong investment in research that originates applied innovation, Atlântica marks the difference in higher education in Portugal, private and public.

Atlântica allows students to learn and research of high quality, with specialized training, integrated with the reality of companies, and in this way, greater employability.

Today, Atlântica intends to distinguish itself and be a valuable instrument of university progress in Portugal.

History: ESSATLA

The School of Atlântica Health (ESSATLA) was created in 2001 as an organic unit of the Atlântica University, where it was integrated as a polytechnic level health school.

Given that it was an organic unit of the Atlântica University, the administration belonged to the respective institution, EIA.- Teaching, Research and Administration SA which was created in 1993 by a group of university professors, researchers, financial institutions, groups institutional, service and study companies, and the Municipality of Oeiras, which until 2014 remained the main shareholder.

In 2002 two two-stage courses, with technical and professional orientation, in Radiology, and in Clinical Analyzes and Public Health, started. Nursing courses (2001), Physical Therapy (2001), Speech Therapy (2003) and Nursing Training Complementary Course (2002) were also created.

The courses of the School sought to respond to the demands of the technical-pressional formation and at the same time to give a humanistic formation to the students in an integrated perspective with the social sciences and of the behavior.

From the beginning they had a strong component of practice in a professional context, through teaching in clinical context, which led the school to establish collaboration protocols with hospitals and health centers in the Lisbon region.

Due to the need to adapt the courses to the scientific and technological evolution of their respective areas, Speech Therapy, Radiology, Clinical Analysis and Public Health courses were discontinued after 2015, and a new stage was begun to reformulate these areas. courses, in accordance with the guidelines given in due time by the A3es Evaluation Committees.

In July 2017 the new degree in Osteopathy was accredited, which went into operation in 2017-2018.



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