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“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous” - Confucius Did you know that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson, the wealthiest people of the contemporary world, have never gained higher education? Jobs gave up law studies after the first semester and Gates did not even last until the end of it. Full of complexes and dyslectic young Branson, in turn, faced expulsion from school multiple times. Those characters, the ingenious creators of technological marvels and big fortunes, got disappointed in education very quickly. Just like Confucius, they thought “Learning without thought is labor lost”. However “thought without learning is perilous”, continued Confucius. Never before has Confucius’s wisdom been truer. Yet we live in the age of knowledge, intellect, and information. Lack of competence or qualifications is perilous nowadays. That is why I invite you… …to take up a challenge and change something in your life! …to be an architect of your own professional identity! …to undertake studies in the modern school – the school with passion and ambition to educate! Studies at the West Pomeranian Business School – the oldest non-public business school in West Pomerania – are your chance and our challenge. They are a guarantee of profound, up-to-date knowledge and practical skills demanded on a labor market. Every day we create for you the unlimited possibilities for development and improvement. We give you both merit an organizational support during the process of studying. We have brought for you an e-learning platform, with an easy and free access to any educational content you may need, a digital library and an online student service system – “e‑deanery”. You are going to appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of friendliness and partnership and you will instantly recognize our passion for education. That is because we develop and sell unique knowledge in a unique way – we are a progressive enterprise of knowledge. Join 25 thousands of people, who have already trusted our professionalism! We are looking forward to welcoming you, prof. Aneta Zelek Ph. D Rector of The West Pomeranian Business School The West Pomeranian Business School is a progressive enterprise of knowledge WE SERVE BUSINESS PROFESSIONALLY… ALWAYS The West Pomeranian Business School: - A non-public higher education institution operating under the Law of higher education; - A non-profit institution – reinvesting any profit into development; - Entirely independent in defining its mission, goals and priorities, which is manifested by the freedom of education, the freedom of scientific research and the freedom of intellectual development; - Concerned about the practical dimension of the studies and practically educates professional management and executive personnel; - An educational and scientific institution that cooperates with its economic environment in favour of the social-economic growth of the Euroregion; - An institution based on the humanistic value system – respectful for the human rights, patriotism, democracy, eco-development and social responsibility; - Also full of respect for the European ethical code; - …and the intellectual property law; - A higher school established on the ground of professionalism and partnership.

The whole recrutiment proces is available through our online platform https://apply.zpsb.pl/

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Bachelor program in International Business

Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 Poland Szczecin

International Business is a specialized 3-year (6 semesters) business program covering issues related to the global economy, foreign trade, international relations, international management, law, ethics. [+]

Bachelor program in International Business

International Business is a specialized 3-year (6 semesters) business program covering issues related to the global economy, foreign trade, international relations, international management, law, ethics.

International Business graduates have a basic knowledge from the economic field with the impact put on international economic relations, international finances, international transactions and entrepreneurship functioning. They are the specialists with competences to conduct business in a European market in connection to the global market. Their competences allow to work in international corporations and in a multicultural environment. Thanks to the courses conducted in an English language and internships, graduates of International Business are very competitive in an international job market.... [-]


International Business Studies in The West Pomeranian Business School


West Pomeranian Business School

Address ZPSB Zachodniopomorska Szkoła Biznesu w Szczecinie, ul. Żołnierska 53
71-210 Szczecin, West Pomerania, Poland
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