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SMEAG has the tools to transform your dream of MASTERING English into reality

GREETINGS. Welcome to SMEAG Philippines Training Center.

English has quickly taken its position as a mandatory requirement to advance in this fast-growing era of globalization.

A considerable number of students start their studies with a firm determination and aim to improve their English language skills. However, in reality, it is not easy to reach such goal. The more you treat English as a subject to study and a hurdle that you must overcome, the further you drift away from your ambitions.

In order to receive the utmost achievement, you need to incorporate the use of English into your daily lifestyle. You must make it a habit to live and breathe English to obtain maximum results. Learning English is never a simple path, but with a systematic educational program specialized to conform to your appropriate level, the dream can become a reality.

SMEAG Philippines Training Center has a structured dormitory so students can ultimately focus on their studies during their stay. With the certification from the British Council as an authorized IELTS exam center, as an ETS certified TOEIC center with an outstanding education system, and several partnerships with universities, all these make SMEAG unique and dynamic.

Through our professional and compelling educational curriculum and accredited testing and certification programs, we, at SMEAG, will strive to help you improve your English language skills so you can leap forward as a global talent.

With our multi- globally authenticated testing and teaching programs, we work hard to provide you with the best English education ever available.



SMEAG Philippines Training Center has 3 campuses in Cebu, Philippines. With a capacity of 850 students, it is the largest English educational institution in the Philippines. Each campus has its own specialized program and its operation and management systems offer a unique experience to all students.

2. DIVERSE STUDENT BODY 45% being Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Taiwanese

Our international teaching center has the biggest population of students from different countries. We believe that interaction and communication with different cultures will strengthen every student’s social and language skills. In addition, these students will be able to establish a wider interpersonal relationship, not only in their school time but also beyond their studies.


Ninety –eight percent of our IELTS examinees have reached their target score while studying at our center. All students can practice their skills during the weekly IELTS Mock exam. Students who are registered for the IELTS course for more than 12 weeks (Pre-IELTS is excluded) will receive a free IELTS exam. Our highly-qualified teachers go through stringent seven-step selection criteria and three months of intensive training. The teachers’ regular evaluations and seminars are conducted to assure they deliver excellent teaching methods for the most efficient language learning experience of the students.


Due to their satisfaction in the academic excellence and the high level of education offered, recent graduates (an average of 4,000 students graduate from SMEAG every year) have been recommending SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center to their friends and families. By staying in constant contact and having reunions with their fellow batches from various countries, graduates help build and expand the SMEAG network.


SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the only IELTS Testing Center and Resource Center that is certified by the British Council, and the only GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines. SMEAG Philippines Training Center operates a variety of college admissions and training programs for students who wish to study overseas. Through the association of universities and educational institutions in various countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, amongst other countries.

IELTS Testing Venue

SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the first private educational institution to be designated as an IELTS testing center by the British Council. Since its accreditation in July 2011, SMEAG continues to strive towards the demand for excellence as an authorized testing center.

IELTS Resource Center

The IELTS Resource Center is managed by both the British Council and SMEAG Philippines Training Center. The operational learning facility allows students to have convenient access to textbooks and samples of IELTS test materials and information about the test. The Resource Center is well-equipped with practice tests, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to help the students prepare for the exam.

TOEIC Testing Venue

In July 2012, ETS certified SMEAG Philippines Training Center, Capital Campus as an authorized TOEIC testing center. The Capital Campus is recognized in the specialization in the TOEIC program and offers a challenging curriculum to help students achieve their aims.

GAC Teaching Center

The GAC Program is an internationally recognized university preparation program provided by ACT Education Solutions, Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACT, Inc.) Students are granted guaranteed entry into one of the 90 GAC pathway universities in more than 10 countries. SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the only accredited GAC teaching center in Cebu that is certified by the ACT Education Solutions, Limited.

Pride of SMEAG

Approved Testing Venue

1. British Council Approved IELTS Testing Venue, IELTS Resource Center

IELTS Testing Venue

  • First private educational institution to be designated as an IELTS testing center by the British Council (accredited in July 2011).
  • SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official IELTS exam in SMEAG’s 2nd. Campus - Classic.

IELTS Resource Center

  • The effective learning space managed by both the British Council and SMEAG Education Center.
  • The Resource Center is well equipped with practice tests, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to help students prepare for the exam.

2. ETS TOEIC Official Testing Center

  • The Philippines’ only Official Testing Venue for TOEIC L/R, TOEIC S/W accredited by ETS (accredited in July 2012).
  • SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official TOEIC exam in SMEAG’s 3rd. Campus - Capital.

3. GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines - The World’s Most Recognized University Preparation Program created by ACT ES

  • GAC students will prepare for the ACT Test and start developing their academic skills such as English/ Mathematics/ Computer / Science / Social Science, all necessary in any university. GAC students can earn up to 39 college credits towards a university degree.
  • Students can enter a Pathway University or any other universities in English-speaking countries with their ACT test score, GAC GPA, IELTS score and a reference letter from the ACT Company.

A superb educational environment. Reputable GAC program of ACT ES

GAC is the most internationally recognized university preparation program for incoming foreign university students who are non-native speakers of English

SMEAG provides an accumulation of practical academic competence and skills through Global communication with international students composed of Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese. Through this program, GAC graduates will be ready to study in a world-class University with confidence

4. CAMBRIDGE ESOL Official Testing Preparation Center and Official Testing Venue

  • Cambridge ESOL is an affiliated organization of Cambridge University which provides an internationally-qualified assessment of English proficiency for non-native speakers. It is one of the most famous English language assessment and ESL instruction providers in the world.
  • In 2008, Cambridge University celebrated their 150th year Anniversary.
  • Owing to its highly-standardized measurement of the English proficiency, over 4 million individuals who are studying English, especially instructors, take Cambridge ESOL test yearly.
  • What makes the Cambridge ESOL certificate really exceptional is that it is highly-recognized and accepted by more than 12,000 multi-national companies, educational institutions, and government agencies worldwide.
  • Thus, it is regarded as ‘Highly-qualified International English Proficiency Certification’. Students can study the Cambridge Exam Course and take the official Cambridge exam here in SMEAG (First official exam was held in May 2013).

The Largest Learning Institution

1. SMEAG operates as the largest learning institution with three campuses in the Philippines

  • All three campuses are located 5 to 20 minutes from Cebu City center and major shopping centers.
  • SMEAG can accommodate a total of 865 students, making it the biggest educational organization in the Philippines. In addition, SMEAG’s 577 employees always try to provide an optimum studying environment.
  • Based on the general ESL course, SMEAG always provides a high-quality English educational course in each campus.
  • SMEAG is associated with international official organizations such as the British Council, ETS-Hopkins, International School plus approximately 90 universities around the world.
  • SMEAG continues to advance in overseas group language programs with universities and global companies.
  • SMEAG students can transfer to another campus depending on the program and availability of accommodation. (First time is for free but the following transfer, the student needs to pay the service fee).

2. Largest Group of Professional Instructors

SMEAG’s Specialized Instructor Training System

  • Step 1 IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge, ESL training program developed by SMEAG’s R&D team (8 weeks course)
  • Step 2 Quarterly British Council sponsored IELTS instructor training, ETS TOEIC seminars, and professional training by CIA/CIE International Schools
  • Step 3 Certified IELTS, TOEIC, and Cambridge Exam after SMEAG’s self-assessment test
  • Step 4 Issuance of certificate approved by SMEAG’s R&D and Academic Department

SMEAG’s R&D (Research and Development) Educational Development

  • The R&D team focuses on developing and improving educational programs through a variety of suggestions, ideas, and research activities
  • Development / management of textbooks
  • Periodical student grade management / occasional academic counseling and surveys
  • Occasional / regular training for Filipino teachers
  • Research / develop / apply latest English teaching materials

Professional Instructor Training (Organized by the British Council)

  • SMEAG teachers will receive the most accurate knowledge about IELTS from professional training from IELTS examiners
  • The authorized partnership between international institutions proves to be a great springboard to increase the standard of our instructors

Specialized Instructor Training Course and Awarding Program

  • Administrator
    Promoted to R & D Officer, Teacher Head, Supervisor
    Opportunity to contribute to the curriculum of SMEAG after the process of pursuing a master or a doctoral degree
  • Incentives
    Health insurance benefits for full-time instructors ( MAXICARE Insurance )
    Outstanding Teachers awarded quarterly, Awarded overseas vacations to Hong Kong / Singapore / South Korea
  • Promotion (level)
    Systematic management of instructors ( work/evaluation, hiring/HR, fair pay system )
  • Periodic Training
    Periodic training for team leaders, professional trainer education from ETS and IELTS British Council
  • Full-time Instructors
    Ability to study and teach one of the specialized courses after becoming a regular instructor nine months after their initial hiring process
    ESL L/S, ESL R/W, IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS WRITING, IELTS Speaking, TOEIC, ACT GAC classes are divided amongst all specialized instructors of SMEAG who have received the corresponding course instructor qualifications
  • Probationary Period
    A probationary period of 6 months after 2 months of training, where teachers will be judged on their performance through an analytic evaluation system
    Attendance, test, N-POINT, student assessment, Team Leader assessments, skills assessments by Supervisors
  • Teacher Recruitment
    Hiring and personnel management of teachers after passing all the initial evaluations in accordance with SMEAG’s hiring process
    Initial English Level Test, Initial Interview, Demo Teaching, Speech Drill, Final Interview, Job Offer

3. A Learning Hub with the Most Multinational Students

  • SMEAG has the biggest population of multinational students amongst almost 300 English educational institutions in the Philippines with students coming from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Iran. ( Korea 52%, Japan 43%, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Iran 5% )
  • SMEAG hosts a variety of extracurricular events to encourage students to actively partake in, this is to dynamically mingle and cooperate with one another, thus feeling a sense of delight to study in SMEAG
  • In addition, SMEAG also has multinational managers from Korea, Japan, America, Iran and Vietnam who are stationed in different campuses to closely monitor the progress and look after the well-being of the students, hence, encouraging them to study by heart


  • With our strict implementation of “English Only Policy”, SMEAG students are strongly encouraged to articulate in English at all times so they can fully get accustomed to communicating in English 24/7 in real life
  • Expanding their horizons, SMEAG students gain exposure to diverse cultures and international etiquette, molding them to be more open-minded and globally competitive
  • As they build wonderful memories, students can travel or share their hobbies during leisure time. After their graduation, they can keep in touch with one another through SMEAG’s community site

What can SMEAG offer to multinational students for convenience?

  • A delectable mixture of food from other countries: At SMEAG, we offer an option of non-spicy foods for international students from Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.
  • SMEAG will gladly assist students with their VISA extensions, SSP applications, ACR I-CARD and etc. Hence, students can fully concentrate on studying and staying in the Philippines legally, safely and comfortably.
  • Multinational managers: For students’ convenience, we have multinational managers from different countries, comprising of 28 Korean staffs, 1 from England, 2 from the USA, 2 from Japan, 1 from Iran and 1 from Vietnam who are enthusiastically dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of the students in different campuses.

University Preparation

1. GAC

GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines - The World’s Most Recognized University Preparation Program created by ACT ES

2. EAP

Well-articulated, instructive English study program which can greatly help students enter a world-renowned University without an official English qualification or score attainment

Upon completion of the SMEAG EAP program, EAP graduates can enter a college or university without an IELTS score

3. Welding Skills Program

A well-engineered dual-purpose program which can significantly help enrollees obtain an IELTS score for employment & immigration in Canada and a Welding Qualification Certificate at the same time

SMEAG, an IELTS Official Testing Venue, offers Job Readiness Programs for students who are interested in working abroad

Student Management System

1. OSM ( Online Student Management ) System

Student Academic Record System

  • Quick review of Students Information ( name, gender, nationality, studying course, course starting date, graduate date, level, study load )
  • Management of class schedule, attendance, score and any other academic information

Score Management System

  • Checked by Academic Office
  • Checked by On-line SMEAG website ( )

2. SMEAG RED DIARY (Daily Writing, Listening Activity)

Students who enter SMEAG Philippines Training Center will receive a ‘RED DIARY’. This is a great tool for students to practice their writing skills since this will be checked by their individual teachers. Students will be motivated by “Writing” and “Listening” subjects which can lead them to improve their general English skills.

How to write in the Red Diary?

1.Minimum number of words (150_ESL/250_IELTS) are requested per task

2. Students who are done with all tasks can receive a SMEAG freebie from the Academic Office

3. "Red Diary" Listening Dictation should be done and checked by L/S teachers

4. Students who are done with all tasks can receive a SMEAG freebie from the Academic Office. ( T-shirts, Tumbler, Pillow, etc )

3. SMEAG’s powerful official exam preparation system SMEAG WEEKLY TEST

Students can practice taking the IELTS exam with the latest materials in the official IELTS testing venue. Every student is required to take the IELTS/TOEIC/CAMBRIDGE ESOL mock exam every week. Students who are trained in a strict exam atmosphere are able to get their target score within the study period and 98% of SMEAG students succeed in obtaining their target score during the real IELTS exam. ( Weekly test results are uploaded on SMEAG Education website )

4. STEP-UP PROGRAM for low beginners ( SMEAG level 1L ~ 1H )/h4>

Even if you only know the ABCs, you can build up your confidence in English from SMEAG’s Step-Up Program

This course is offered only in the Sparta Campus for low beginners who do not have the basic skills in English. Words, idioms, how to form sentences, repeated vocabulary and memorization will increase the student’s confidence in English within a short period of time. Students will have better communication skills with a variety of vocabulary words and sentences.

  • Target students
    Students who fall into one of SMEAG’s 3 step levels (1L/1M/1H) are required to enroll
    Students who do not have basic skills in forming English sentences
    Students who have difficulty because of their lack of confidence
  • Regulation
    90% below attendance in 4 weeks will receive 1 warning
    3 consecutive absences will result in 1 warning
    Failing the weekly test on Friday will result in a consequence of not being able to go out on the weekend
  • Program Contents
    Speak Up Loudly

5. Precaution from accident, Safety Education

SMEAG offers safety education every week. Managers will introduce ways on how students can protect themselves from emergency situations and how to control the problem with local residences. Students will be informed of possible cases that might happen and can build their safety awareness

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1st. Campus - Sparta

Address Minoza St., Brgy, Tigbao, Talamban, Cebu City
6000 Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Phone 63-32-346-7297

2nd. Campus - Classic

Address 2851, S.Cabahug Corner, F.Gochan St., Mabolo
6000 Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Phone 63-32-231-4832

3rd. Campus - Capital

Address E.Osmena St. Cor. Bataan., Guadalupe, Cebu City
6000 Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Phone 63-32-520-9208

Address Seocho-daero78-gil 52 Seocho-gu
06626 Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Address 29-2, Myeongjang-dong Dongrae-gu
47752 Busan, Busan, South Korea

Address Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si
690-744 Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea