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Windesheim Honours College is an innovative educational concept which offers a unique four year bachelor degree programme in Global Project & Change Management at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. We educate you to become an International Project and Change Manager with an insight in different fields of expertise: Global Health, Urban Dynamics, Social Entrepreneurship or Civil Society. We teach our students to become competent global citizens who are engaged in evoking and making changes in our world and our society. We do this in a structural and realistic way, with a focus on global issues and sustainability.

High student satisfaction

For the fifth year in a row we have been selected a 'Top-rated' programme based on Student Satisfactory, low drop-out rates and expert evaluation by the composers of the selection guide for higher education (Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs). For the third year in a row, Windesheim Honours College obtained a very high score in the national student survey (Nationale Studentenenquête), conducted by the independent website Our programme is also labeled ‘excellent’ by the NVAO, the Dutch independent accreditation organisation for Dutch and Belgian Higher Education.

International staff

Our lecturers are highly educated and have international work experience. This gives them and their lectures an extra dimension. They try to incorporate their knowledge and experience into their lectures as much as possible. They encourage you to be critical in class and join them in the discussions they have online and offline.

An ongoing path towards Excellence

Windesheim Honours College’s approach to excellence is based on the strength of a University of Applied Sciences education. The focus is on the profession, in this case a global project and change manager in a specified professional field. The BBA degree programme we offer, combines a strong focus on the development of practical and professional skills with the ability to apply these skills in a changing, complex and global professional reality. College graduates are trained to use and apply knowledge based on applied research in the development and design of professional products and services, contributing to the improvement of professional practices, methods and theories in a specified professional field. This way they become doers who think critically about what they do and why, and hence professionals with discernible added value on the (international) labour market.

Real life experience

We believe you can learn more through real life experience and from there construct your own knowledge. It is a problem-based and adaptive way of learning where we challenge you to integrate new knowledge to the existent knowledge you may already have. We do this using innovative procedures.

Experiential learning

You will gain knowledge and skills, and construct your own vision of the professional world in interaction with the environment during your learning process. We use different methods of instruction, such as problem based learning, experiential learning and Internships. At Windesheim Honours College experiential learning forms the backbone of the degree programme we offer. Experiential learning fosters critical thinking, and creates motivated and independent learners. The goal is to make you reach the highest order of learning.

Educational concept

Windesheim Honours College’s educational concept is strongly related to its mission and educational vision. The educational concept consists of three components:

1. The talented and motivated student

Our education focuses on gifted and talented students with creativity and task commitment. We think it is crucial that our students are challenged to develop personal leadership through individual profiling in order to become independent career navigators.

2. The ‘College concept’: a small-scale and intensive educational setting with an international learning community

Colleges are still a rare phenomenon in the Dutch context. Although the number of University Colleges is gradually growing, WHC is still the only Professional College in the Netherlands. WHC is a residential College. This enhances the close involvement between students and therefore the formation of a learning community. The international learning community is furthermore characterised by close involvement between lecturers and students and the engagement of both students and lecturers in socially relevant extra-curricular activities.

3. The way we teach

Our way of teaching is based in the three pillars of honours education: community, academic skills and bounded freedom.

  • We create a learning community by working and co creating together
  • We take you an extra mile into your academic knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • We give you space for experimentation, risk taking, personal initiatives and pursuit of your individual interests.
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BBA Project Management

Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Netherlands Zwolle

You will be able to convince others that economic growth should always be in balance with social and environmental prosperity. You will also be the one showing the world how to do it. [+]

Do you think it is important to make a positive change? We offer a unique combination of project management with a focus on sustainability, enabling you to change the world in a structured and realistic way. This year there is a Holland Scholarships available for Non EU/EEA students. Upon graduation, you will be able to introduce and maintain the concept of People, Planet and Prosperity in the local and global market economy, where profit is not only a motive but still a way of life. This Bachelor is top-rated and the number 1 programme in the category of Business Administration & Management for five years in a row according to the Dutch HBO Keuzegids. This rating is based on Students satisfactory, low drop-out rates and expert evaluation. You will be able to convince others that economic growth should always be in balance with social and environmental prosperity. You will also be the one showing the world how to do it. The set up of our curriculum ensures you will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable you to change the world. Choosing Windesheim Honours College means choosing for change in every possible way. If you want to have an impact today and in the future, Windesheim Honours College is the right programme for you. In the first year we lay the basis for your future profession as Project Manager. You will start right away with working at an actual project with actual clients. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have an accurate image of working as project manager: what it entails and which skills you need to develop over the next four years to be able to succeed. In year 2 we’ll take your project management skills to a professional level, with courses like Advanced Project Management, Project Teams & Leadership, Grant Writing and Presentation & Pitching. The same goes for your applied research skills. Additionally, there’s more attention for People, Planet & Prosperity, with courses such as Social Marketing, Economics for development, Global Challenges and Global Business Strategy. Year 3 You start year three with the minor Managing projects in a globalized world. This minor is a combination of practice and theory. Two days per week are spent working on a project at an organization (the client), either in the Netherlands or abroad. The other three days are reserved for intensive training, workshops and master classes from experts from the work field, in project management and research. The second half of year 3 is dedicated to the field of your choice: Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Civil Society or Urban Dynamics. Year 4 You start year four with your second Project Management field of choice. After that, you will do your internship. This internship of ten weeks has to entail research, a research report and the results of that research have to contribute to the development of the work field. You are studying at an Honours College, so we have high expectations of you. And judged by feedback from the work field, our students are doing an excellent job. The grand finale The programme ends with the so called Capstone. The Capstone is the final course where all the key learning objectives of the WHC-programme are tied together. During the Capstone, you demonstrate that you have achieved all competences set by WHC. So you have to prove to be competent for project management in the professional field of your choice and to be an independent career navigator. For example, you will have to compile and reflect on your portfolio (body of work as WHC student) You will also write an argumentive essay based on your thesis, and submit three academic articles, two related to project management and one to your specialization. Using the essay, you then formulate three propositions and defend these before a professional panel, consisting of three professionals from the work field and two WHC examiners. Project Management fields A project manager always operates within a specific field. At the college, you have the freedom to choose two Project Management fields in year 3 and 4. This allows you to pursue your personal interests while developing a specific professional profile at the same time. The fields have common components, in that they are a combination of research, innovation, business ethics and Global Challenges, applied to the specific field. - Global Health - Social Entrepreneurship - Civil Society - Urban Dynamics [-]

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Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
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Zwolle, 8017 CA NL