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Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences

Van Hall Larenstein is a university of applied sciences. We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world. The curricula of VHL University of Applied Sciences focus on the domains Delta Areas and Resources - Food and Dairy - Animal and Business. Alongside Bachelor programmes, we also provide Master’s programmes, Certificate programmes and short courses for regional, national and international students. As a university of applied sciences, we conduct high-quality practice-based research which enhances both our teaching and our position as a research institute.

Our educational programme is competence based. This means that, right from the start, you will be in close contact with professional life and practice. Supported by our teaching staff, you will work on your competences in a range of projects relating to applied research and practical internships. That is why choosing VHL means choosing a professional education, which you apply in real life!

At VHL you will study in an inspiring international environment. You will work together with students from different countries and you will develop a network of friends and colleagues from all over the world. Thanks to our internationally oriented curriculum, you will be trained to develop a sharp focus on international practice. VHL has over 4000 students and is home to over forty different nationalities. You will have various opportunities to operate in an international context - not just in programme-specific projects, but also in your work placement and thesis. At VHL we provide students with opportunities for international educational exchange and professional development.

VHL University of Applied Sciences is based on two locations in the Netherlands: Leeuwarden and Velp. The environmentally friendly building in Leeuwarden has green houses on its roof. The Velp site is situated on the Larenstein estate – a wonderful area for the practical ‘green’ programmes.

Why VHL?

  • Fully English taught curriculum;
  • Study at the biggest "green" university of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands;
  • Combine theory and practice to get a head start in the job market;
  • Apply your knowledge in (international) internships: included in your programme!;
  • Increase your career opportunities by direct contact with prospective employers during the programme;
  • Develop strong connections within key sectors of Dutch economy;
  • Study in small classes with personal attention from teachers.
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Agribusiness and Business Administration (BBA)

Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Netherlands Velp

The Bachelor´s programme in Agribusiness and Business Administration was developed to meet the demand for graduates who can back up product knowledge with marketing skills! If you can picture yourself working in the bustling agribusiness industry full of intense exchanges, loud negotiations and on-the-spot decision-making, then this study programme is the right fit for you! [+]

Study Agribusiness and Business Administration

Sooner or later you realise that the world is your workplace. For instance when you find yourself in Holland, purchasing a batch of Kenyan roses that has to be at a Paris flower market tomorrow. A fast and dynamic world, where expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and communication skills are essential. The Netherlands is a leading player in international agricultural trade, not just in foodstuffs, but also in flowers and ornamental plants.

There are various job opportunities with the important traders and growers. You can also start your own company. This business requires a thorough knowledge of the entire chain from producer to consumer: knowledge of import and export, production and innovation, trade and logistics, marketing and quality management, transport and storage.... [-]


Bachelor of International Development Management

Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Netherlands Velp

Is it really possible for everyone to profit equally from development while still respecting the environment? In our view it is. Through sustainable trade, equal rights and equal opportunities we believe that a healthy balance between people, earth and prosperity can be achieved. [+]

Working towards a fair world!

Is it really possible for everyone to profit equally from development while still respecting the environment? In our view it is. Through sustainable trade, equal rights and equal opportunities we believe that a healthy balance between people, earth and prosperity can be achieved.

The Bachelor of International Development Management gives you the knowledge and motivation to take steps towards promoting this balance. In your study programme, you can opt to focus on reconstructing society after natural disasters, empower people living in rural areas or contributing to fair economic chains from raw material to consumer. In all cases, you will learn to bring people together, defend interests of different stakeholders, and to facilitate and support developments and innovation. You will also learn more about geography, biology and economics. You will deal with intercultural communication, international cooperation, the green economy, reconstruction after disasters, strengthening the position of farmers, fair trade, business administration, and project management.... [-]

Food Technology (BSc)

Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Netherlands Velp

Food technologists are innovative, enthusiastic and business-minded people with a passion for food and a comprehensive understanding of the sciences. From chemistry and microbiology to marketing, from engineering to advanced technologies: the interdisciplinary Food Technology Bachelor programme covers all these topics and more! [+]

Study Food Technology!

By choosing the Bachelor in Food Technology, you could become one of the creative food experts who dedicate their career to developing new products and introducing them onto the international food market. The food industry is an industry that most consumers take for granted. Healthier, tastier and innovative food products are appearing on our supermarket shelves almost daily. With this huge product range and the consumers’ increasing demand for variety, the need for food technologists is growing rapidly.

Nowadays, consumers increasingly demand healthy, safe and tasty foods. As a food technologist, you analyse consumers and their demands in terms of marketing, product quality and business administration. Market research, knowledge of production processes and product properties, and, perhaps most importantly, understanding what happens in the human body when we consume food, are crucial in developing new foodstuffs. You study the chemical, microbiological and chemical composition of food, while you also dive into the fascinating world of nutrition, flavour, trends, trade and health.... [-]


Bachelor of Animal Husbandry (BSc)

Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Netherlands Velp

The Animal Husbandry programme doesn't just teach you just about everything there is to know about animals; it also concerns everything around them. The programme will teach you about biology and economy, entrepreneurship, marketing, financial management, advice and education, innovation, research, management, animal behaviour, livestock breeding and international trading. [+]

Animal Husbandry

The production of healthy livestock is the driving force towards global food security. With an ever-growing population to feed, farmers need to increase production and optimise distribution on a national and international scale. The animal husbandry sector needs individuals who pay the utmost attention to the care, health and wellbeing of farm animals but who also understand the basics of business administration, such as marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation. This means we are looking for people like you!

The Animal Husbandry programme will teach you the ins and outs of nutrition, immunology and diagnostics, disease control and animal welfare. Courses in applied research, scientific research methods and project management form an integral part of this Bachelor programme. In addition, you will acquire scientific knowledge of the main species within the husbandry system: cattle, horses, pigs and poultry.... [-]


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