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University College Roosevelt: a Liberal Arts and Sciences College with a vibrant academic community and a buzzing student life. A place where students are eager to make the most of their talents. A place where dedicated professors, ranked the best in the Netherlands, teach in small classes. A place where you can truly explore your interests by choosing courses ranging from music to biology and from politics to rhetoric. A tried and tested stepping stone for an international career. The place to be!

Each student arrives at University College Roosevelt with a common set of goals: to make the most of the time here, study to the fullest potential, contribute to the group, enjoy student life and, most of all, leave UCR with a sense of accomplishment, ready for a bright future. These are some of the basic principles on which we base our interview procedure.

Campus Life

On campus, staff and students form a community of diverse talents, interests, skills and training. Each member of this community brings his or her own set of religious, cultural, political, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds to our campus. With this wide variety of backgrounds on one campus, each individual contributes to this unique community.

The pace of campus life varies from person to person; each student experiences moments of great academic activity as well as periods of quiet and concentrated study. However, the intensive course program also leaves students ample time to relax with friends or to participate in numerous extracurricular activities on and off campus.

Life on campus enriches the university experience and contributes to the academic success for all students. UCR boasts a highly dynamic environment and creates a tight network within which students can learn, live and thrive. When questioned what UCR alumni valued most, they mentioned the community and diverse social contacts, in addition to the academic skills acquired.

The Area

UCR is intricately connected to the city of Middelburg, as we are part of the inner city of Middelburg. Middelburg is a vibrant, diverse and quaint old city and the provincial capital of Zeeland, located in the southwest of the Netherlands. The Middelburg city center, dating back as far as the first half of the ninth century, has a rich cultural heritage which can be seen throughout the historic city center. Middelburg, located on the former island of Walcheren, offers a diverse array of shops, pubs, restaurants and events. Located within travel distance of cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp and Brussels, and within cycling distance of some of the country’s finest beaches, its unique location offers many great opportunities for the 600 University College Roosevelt students and its roughly 40.000 other inhabitants.

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International Bachelor Degree

Campus Full time August 2017 Netherlands Middelburg

Students at University College Roosevelt design their own curricula. A set of choice-rules is in place which guarantees that students make sensible choices. [+]

International Bachelor Degree Designing your own curriculum Students at University College Roosevelt design their own curricula. A set of choice-rules is in place which guarantees that students make sensible choices. Nevertheless,​​ there is a great deal of freedom in which courses to take. Each UCR student is assigned a Tutor, the Tutor will help the student throughout this process. In order to ensure that each student meets the academic standards at UCR, there are a number of obligatory courses. During their first year, students need to take an introductory course in Methods and Statistics. Based on their command of English, students will also follow either the elementary or intermediate course in English for Academic Purposes. Since many of our graduates pursue a career in an international environment, it is advantageous for them to learn multiple languages. Students at UCR are required to take a track in a language. The current offerings consist of French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Declaring a major At the start of the second year, students must declare a major. The three most common majors are: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and Science. It is also possible to do an interdepartmental major. Within their major, students will focus on two or three tracks for a total of 10-12 courses. A track is a set of courses in the same field of study. Popular tracks include Politics, History, Life Sciences, Economics, Law, Biomedical Science and Literature. Depending on their major, students will be required to take a number... [-]


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