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The Oriental College offers on-site as well as online studies. We aim to further innovation in Healthcare in all its forms and policies through a transcultural approach. Therefore at the bachelor level we offer two studies: 1) studies in Transcultural Healthcare and 2) Chinese medicine based specialisation in Health and Long life methodology.

Our goal is to help develop minorities, individuals who seek a career in Healthcare or/and Chinese medicines and to offer for those who are interested a program which will enrich their own life as well as the lives of others. Our study-guide will be sent to you on request. In our programs we include much of online studies in a way that does not require you to have high tech stuff around. Not all parts of the world are connected to the same wealth and services. Not everyone can travel. So online studies is important.

We work according to principles shared with the old fashioned European guilds, or the pai in China, skill and community based groupings that safeguard skills. An apprenticeship is such a guild thing. So many skills can be learned locally, on site, or maybe they are already in your possession. For those you have not we invite you to come here. For Chinese medicine some things can be learned online, but for some movement- and needling- or massage skills you certainly need a pro to show you. We do not mark your language skills. We know that on the way skills improve. Expression is an art, so that is one of the tasks we will help you with.

Now we just need you to let us know you are interested. Ask us questions if you have them. We are a small non commercial team, so we cannot always reply instantly.

If you inform about one of our two bachelor programs we reply you with an introduction letter and an enrolment form, expecting you to ask questions. We have no marketing team, we offer a program in which you speak for yourself so that our program can remain simple and affordable to contribute to a sustainable future for everyone.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Oriental College Academy of Health,
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