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A European university in Macau, China - All USJ degrees are jointly awarded by both USJ and the Catholic University of Portugal - USJ teaches in English and has a multicultural environment The University of Saint Joseph (formerly IIUM) was established in Macau by the Catholic University of Portugal and the Diocese of Macau in 1996. USJ is organized into four main schools: Arts, Letters, and Sciences; Management, Leadership, and Government; Intelligent Systems and Technology; Christian Studies. Macau is a multicultural city and USJ reflects this characteristic. Our students, faculty members, and staff represent many nations and ethnic groups. This environment gives students a sense of studying abroad while staying at home; stimulates knowledge exchanges and life experiences and prepares them to live in a diverse, global, and connected world. Our medium of instruction is English, the most widespread language in the world. However, all our students also undertake courses in Putonghua and Portuguese to be better equipped to work and live in a globalized world. By statute, all degrees are jointly awarded by University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and by the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), a leading Portuguese university with a respectable international reputation. The University offers a learning environment centered on research, with a modular system that enables open enrollment and a constant flow of faculty from all over the world. Currently, we offer dozens of programs at the undergraduate, post-graduate diplomas, masters and doctorate level. Licentiate in Architecture, Communications and Media, Economics, International Relations and in Philosophy; Master in Social Psychology and Choral Conducting; and a Doctorate in Science are some of the most recent additions to our university, that also offers licenced programs in Government Studies, Information Technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Christian Studies and Social Work and Master and Doctoral degrees in Business, Design, Education, Government, History, Information Technology, Clinical Psychotherapy, Music and Religion. Research in a global and cooperative perspective is also a central piece of our efforts and that is why we are broadening the cooperation with universities and academies of the BRIC bloc and other emerging countries. We currently have agreements with institutions from Brasil and Latin America, Russia and Europe, China and South East Asia.

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