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Higher education is an integral base in the creation of the successful career. It opens doors for growth, development and success. In Turiba University knowledge goes hand in hand with practical skills – it is a combination, which is highly appreciated by employers not only in Latvia but also in the world.

Turiba University has received recognition from employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students are working during their studies.

Graduates of Turiba University are competitive and in demand in the labour market. Also, international orientation, successful cooperation with industries, as well as organized study environment of the University are approved; study environment is improved by taking into account advice of field professionals and by learning from employers, close partners of the University in study development issues.

Turiba is a practically-oriented university because practical studies form 60% of time spent at studies, whereas theory – 40%. Lecturers are field professionals with a wide experience, which in addition to theory gives an insight into the world of the particular field. Everyone can gain to their professional field appropriate, business-oriented education and to develop as a creative leader.

Professional orientation of Turiba University which allows students to gain work experience already during studies in each year of studies by offering wide apprenticeship opportunities serves a basis of the high employment rate. Already during studies, it is possible to acquire real skills and experience necessary for the work. Studies are not based just on the academic materials and theoretical tasks; thereby students are more competitive in the labour market. Employers approve practical experience, therefore when recruiting young people, preferences are given to those young people who have gained experience with an employer in their chosen field.

Turiba is labour market-oriented university, and it is approved both by future students and employers. By evaluating a potential employee, it is also taken into account which university he or she has graduated, because it refers to the knowledge and skills of the employee to perform a specific job. It is important for the employer to know how much time and work should be invested in the training of a new employee. The more experience and practical knowledge young people have, the less time should be invested by the employer, thereby the higher education institution and the content of the study programme is important, as well as the previous experience with students of the particular higher education institution.


Working with the Employers

Turiba University takes care on a daily basis to improve the business environment in Latvia and to contribute to the development of the most prospective business sectors. For this purpose, Turiba works together with the employers providing them with advice, training and research. Employers, students and representatives of various associations with the knowledge of the existing market trends and demands are regularly invited to engage in the Faculty Councils, workgroups and discussions, thus taking part in the development of new curricula, the approval of themes for graduation papers and traineeship programmes, as well as jointly searching for the answers on how to best prepare the new specialists and on what is necessary for the improvement of the business environment.

Business Research

The daily business of the teaching personnel is not only lecturing or holding of workshops and providing consultations to students. An important part of the work of the tutors at Turiba University is to improve their academic competencies by publishing research papers, working with the employers and getting involved in work groups organised with the purpose of investigating a specific issue of concern, to facilitate the integration of innovations into business and to take care of the economic upturn in the country. Applied research developed in partnership with the industry experts and students would be useful for every employer following the sectoral trends and plan the future development of the enterprise. The research is performed in four areas of scientific activity. A major part of the research projects is carried out in the area of business administration, as well as in the priority area to the Latvian state — the tourism business.

The Faculty of Business Administration in partnership with the Business Technology Institute performs applied research on topics of key importance to the development of a business environment in Latvia and to the enhancement of enterprise efficiency:

  • Development opportunities for SMEs in a changing economic environment;
  • Management activity of the Latvian small and medium-sized enterprises, its evaluation in terms of a rise in productivity, and the changes required in the government economic policy for boosting labour efficiency;
  • Business information systems and data processing.

The tutors and researchers of the International Tourism Faculty are executing tourism research projects, including international ones, which can be assessed as a significant contribution to the growth of the Latvian tourism industry. The main research topics include the following:

  • Latvian regional tourism target markets, their needs and adequacy of the products offered to the demand;
  • Professional preparedness of the tourism service providers — required skills and competencies, their evaluation;
  • Studies on hospitality of the tourism objects;
  • Studies on location branding.

The researchers of the Institute working in the area of communications and the tutors of the Communication Faculty perform research of the mass media market in Latvia, as well as the inter-cultural communication in the area of corporate social responsibility in Latvia. Major research topics are as follows:

  • Awareness formation of the national identity after the restoration of Latvia’s independence: trends and factors;
  • Inter-cultural aspects of corporate social responsibility in Latvia;
  • Communications and perspectives at the inception of the European type of mankind;
  • Conflicts in organisations — options for analysis and resolution.

Experts in the area of law from the Business Technology Institute and the Faculty of Law are active in their area of activity in providing advice on the issues of business and constitutional rights to both enterprises and private individuals. They have participated in projects concerned with legal issues of national and transnational scope, e.g., the development of amendments to legislative acts and the provision of advice on international law issues. Some of the main research topics include:

  • Impact of Western constitutional rights culture on the formation and development of constitutional rights of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Issues for copyright protection in information society;
  • Public administration reforms;
  • Constitutional public administration reforms;
  • Development trends in the sociology of rights.
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Turiba University

In the 1st Academic Year, you will acquire the basics of economic theory and get thorough information on market development trends and processes influencing this process. ... [+]

Business Administration – Professional Bachelor's study programme Useful Traineeships in the leading companies of the field. 99% of European companies are small and medium enterprises, managers of which are trained in Turiba Each fourth or ¼ of Business management graduates is business owners. The amount of billionaires in the world is increasing recently


DEGREE: Professional Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

QUALIFICATION: Manager of enterprises or institutions

DURATION OF STUDIES: 3 or 4 Academic Years

STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian

Careers: you can apply acquired knowledge if you want to start your own business; if you wish to work for a company established by another person, you can apply for the position of middle or higher level manager in a Latvian or foreign company; in the same way, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge working as project manager, manager of various structural units or to be finance director if money matters are your strong point. ... [-]
Latvia Riga
September 2019
3 - 4 years


Turiba University

The content of the study programme "Computer Systems" has been designed in accordance with the following standards: ACM (Association of Computing Machinery standards, i.e ... [+]

Computer Systems

The content of the study programme "Computer Systems" has been designed in accordance with the following standards:

ACM (Association of Computing Machinery standards, i.e. Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science) CDIO Standard 2.0 (Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, Operating) for innovative education frameworks teaching new generation engineers incl. from product concept, design, implementation to exploitation Software profession standards

DEGREE AWARDED: Professional Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems

QUALIFICATION AWARDED: Professional qualification of Software engineer

STUDY DURATION AND SCOPE: 4-year full-time studies in Day department, 160 credit points or 240 ECTS... [-]

Latvia Riga
February 2020
4 years
Turiba University

During the four study years, the students will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in understanding the economic processes and financial management of the compan ... [+]

International Finance Management

DEGREE: Professional Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

QUALIFICATION: Company and Institution Manager

STUDY DURATION: 4 years full-time studies or 4,3 years of part-time studies

STUDY LANGUAGE: Latvian or English

INTERNSHIP: In international companies

Advantages of the Program Flexible training process; Experience-based knowledge transfer; Practical workshops. Lecturers-Experts of the Industry Ieva Meldrāja - Finance Director of the Ltd. "VISMA"; Ivars Godmanis - financier, former Prime Minister; Ivars Linde - Consultant of the Ltd. "TRIGONA"; Jānis Zeibots - Finance Director at Turiba University.

During the four study years, the students will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in understanding the economic processes and financial management of the company, as well as develop analytical thinking and ability to quickly adopt important decisions for the development of the organization. Graduates will earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a specialization in International Finance Management. The obtained professional qualification will allow to occupy the position of the manager, financier, economist or project manager and will provide the necessary knowledge base for planning the company's operation and determining the best way of financing the company, taking into account the influence of international factors, as well as analyzing and eliminating potential business risks.... [-]

Latvia Riga
September 2019
4 years
Turiba University

In Academic Year 1 you will gain knowledge of social psychology and variances of communication in different countries which is much appreciated by specialists in their da ... [+]

Management of International Communication – Professional Bachelor’s study programme Useful There are more mobile phones with connection than people in the world. There are 3 million new blogs created on the Internet every month.


DEGREE ACQUIRED: Professional Bachelor degree in Public Administration

QUALIFICATION OBTAINED: Public Relations Manager

STUDY PERIOD: 4 Academic Years

STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian

CAREER OPTIONS: The prospect of an interesting and well-paid position as a company representative abroad or head of a mission is waiting there for you and you will also be able to apply daily your English knowledge and to work side-by-side with the people from various cultures; Should you wish to apply your knowledge gained concerning international environment here in Latvia, you will be fit for working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in other governmental institutions; You will be capable of establishing and managing your own company or a non-governmental organization; You will be capable of defining the agenda for the countries and communities. ... [-]
Latvia Riga
September 2019
4 years
Turiba University

The only study programme in the Northern Europe, which is appraised by UN WTO, has been assigned the highest quality assessment in tourism education world – the TedQual c ... [+]

Tourism and Hospitality Management - professional Bachelor’s study programme Useful Every year ~200 students of tourism spend their summers outside Latvia, by having traineeships in tourism companies in different countries. The only study programme in the Northern Europe, which is appraised by UN WTO, has been assigned the highest quality assessment in tourism education world – TedQual certificate.

Professional bachelor's study programme Tourism and Hospitality Management has obtained for the fourth time the prestigious UNWTO – UN World Tourism Organization TedQual accreditation to the maximum possible term – four years, until the year 2018.

PROGRAMME IS ACCREDITED until the year 2019 - TedQual Certificate (from UN WTO)... [-]

Latvia Riga
September 2019
4 years

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