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University of Tehran (UT) is the oldest and largest educational, scientific and research center in Iran and thus referred to as (Mother University). UT was inaugurated officially in 1937 as a state-run university. The main campus of UT is located in the heart of Tehran, namely Enghelab Avenue. Other university colleges, faculties, research centers and institutes affiliated to UT are located in other parts of Tehran and Iran.

Kish International Campus (KIC) was established in order to facilitate the enrolment of foreign students. Graduates of the KIC have the professional abilities to function effectively in an international environment; the technical skills to operate in an increasingly complex technical world; the intellectual capacity and flexibility to adapt to constant changes and the leadership potentials to make the fullest possible contribution to the development of the community for the good of its people. Through the development of strong scientific links with local and foreign educational and research institutions, the Campus continues to uphold the highest quality in both research and education. Efforts have been made for the Campus to remain at the cutting edge of science in different fields and to adjust its strategies to meet the market demands.


  • Location: The location of the Campus is the beautiful coral island of Kish, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, with all its tourist and business attractions.
  • Qualified Professors: The academic staff of Kish International Campus consists of more than 190 part-time and adjunct professors and affiliated members. The University includes 3000 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.
  • Student /Faculty Ratio (10/1): The student to faculty ratio is10 to 1. This can increase the benefits of personalized attention and ready access to lecturers and tutors for advice and support. The ratio is 5 to 1 for some special departments, though.
  • Affordable Tuition rates and payment plans: For financial aid purposes, KIC will provide a high-quality education at an affordable price compared to other universities in the region to admit more highly qualified students. Tuition fees at KIC for international students are approximately equal to the tuition fees for domestic students.
  • Well-equipped & Special Labs: There are a lot of well-equipped laboratories at KIC to provide you with the resources you need to do great research such as Mechatronics, Bioinformatics, Information Security, Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Motor Learning, Psychology, Biotechnology, Molecular and Cell Biology and Cell Culture laboratories.
  • Getting your Visa to Study at KIC makes it possible for you to travel around Iran and get familiar with Iranian deep culture and visit so many beautiful historical sites.

Campus Environment

University of Tehran Kish International Campus is pleased to offer a pleasant educational experience on a magnificent campus with a modern library, modern classrooms, computer sites with highly efficient computer and internet connections, research labs, dormitories, student activity centers, student sports complex, cafeterias and restaurants. The campus also enjoys a bookstore, a health center, and an advisory and consultant center. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and join a broad range of social and cultural events at the University. There are numerous activities to do including cycling around the Island, walking, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, arts, literature, music, folklore, photography, and so forth.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Bachelor of Architecture

Campus Full time 9 semesters September 2018 Iran Tehran

The bachelor of architecture is designed for students who wish to work as a designer, working with architecture engineers counselling company, supervising a construction process, being a member of city-council and similar institutions or teaching at high schools. [+]

The bachelor of architecture is designed for students who wish to work as a designer, working with architecture engineers counselling company, supervising a construction process, being a member of city-council and similar institutions or teaching at high schools. Course overview Architectural design is an activity that requires creativity, critical thinking and the ability to understand and respond to the needs and aspirations of people and the possibilities of our environment. Design in the Bachelor of Architecture degree focuses on the way humans create places through architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. The program involves arts and sciences, writing and graphics, design and analysis, management and engineering, together with architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Students will have an opportunity to get involved in practical aspects of the program, such as making models, designing, landscapes and exhibitions. Understanding of the society`s context in which people live and developing proposals for improving the environment is an important factor. Special interestsArchitectural expression; Human, nature and architecture; Architectural design; World`s architecture; Islamic architecture, Contemporary architecture, etc. Course StructureThis course is designed for at least 9 semesters which includes a final project. Students need to complete 140 units. [-]