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About our university

What’s special about us

The University of Applied Sciences Europe - Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of

  • Business,
  • Psychology,
  • Media and Communication,
  • Sports Management,
  • Art and Design.

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is part of Global University Systems. The university promotes the future-oriented development of skills and interdisciplinary teaching formats in step with actual practice and according to the highest international standards at locations in Iserlohn, Berlin, and Hamburg.

Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of Job Market 4.0.

BiTS was first founded in 2000 as an independent university. Today it is part of the University of Applied Sciences Europe and a meeting place for young business talents, faculty members, entrepreneurs, and companies around the globe. Here we provide an environment in which students and professors are encouraged to develop new ideas and discover their full entrepreneurial potential.

Lay the foundation for an exciting career with a future-oriented, accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Berlin, Hamburg, or Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Unique international network

Make the world your campus! At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you study in a global network. We encourage you to try things out during your studies, be inspired by new experiences, and broaden your personal and professional horizons. You will benefit from:

  • Integrated semester abroad at a renowned partner university
  • International and successful faculty
  • Global lectures and cross-border practical projects through innovative teaching methods
  • Intercultural exchange – virtually and an on-campus – over 100 nations represented on our campus
Individual development and interdisciplinary learning

The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers you an academic environment in which you enjoy teaching at best international standards, without losing your individuality.

Moving into the future, challenging and targeted solutions increasingly require the incorporation of different perspectives, new technologies, creativity, and research-based methods. In order to ensure your personal development and early career orientation, you work practically and interdisciplinarily from the beginning and are encouraged to think beyond borders with a wide choice of subjects. At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you have the additional opportunity to engage in extracurricular interdisciplinary student initiatives, in order to polish up your professional profile and make yourself attractive in the job market.

Additional certificate and engagement alongside your studies

Moreover, the development of your individual character counts: Students are encouraged to realize projects on their own initiative in student initiatives and pursue extracurricular activities. You will be awarded a unique additional certificate to your degree, which lists the development of core skills. These were identified by Laureate in a commissioned study of more than 5,000 partners and more than 20,000 students, faculty members, employees, and alumni. This is a further opportunity for the students and graduates to gain an edge over other job applicants.

Furthermore, you can join one of our many student resorts during your studies and develop your skills outside the curriculum. A few examples:

  • CampusMagazin
  • BiTS Vision
  • Rubicon
Maximum practicality

Real professional experience from the first day: At the University of Applied Sciences Europe you have the opportunity to test what you’ve learned straight after class and gain insight into the everyday work of the sector during your studies. All programs are designed, in content and schedule, to allow you to apply theory directly into practice.

Among others, the practice-oriented programs at UE offer you:

  • Faculty members who are distinguished professionals in their subject and are professionally active in business.
  • Integrated internships, which you can, for example, complete at one of our numerous partner businesses.
  • Cooperation projects with leading business giants, such as SAP.
Study with professionals in an innovative environment

Successful business people are not only excellent business professionals, but also possess other leadership skills. We would like you to take that to the heart during your studies and for that purpose bring you together with people who know best.

By guaranteeing small classes and seminar groups, we create a totally unique study environment where you can develop intensively and individually. In your study projects as well as special soft skills seminars, we familiarize you with fundamental abilities like team management, self-organization, and strategic planning, complete your skills profile, and nurture entrepreneurial thinking.

Become part of our team and make a difference - worldwide.

Programs at our Business Faculty

We offer different programs, such as:

  • Bachelor’s degrees
  • Dual Bachelor’s degrees
  • Numerous Master’s degrees

Some of these programs are offered in English.

Choose from three locations

University of Applied Sciences Europe has three locations in the creative centers Berlin, Hamburg, and Iserlohn.

  • Berlin - Entrepreneurial center, trendsetter, lifestyle capital, idea incubator – few cities are praised worldwide for their diversity as much as the German capital. On our Campus in Berlin, you study near the economic hotspot Potsdamer Platz.
  • Hamburg - In the media city No. 1, side by side with Spiegel, Stern, Die Zeit, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others! Our Campus Hamburg is close to the alternative neighborhood scenes as well as the upscale city center.
  • Iserlohn - In North Rhine-Westphalia by Seilersee lies our Campus Iserlohn, rich in tradition and the third-most beautiful campus in Germany according to a poll by the magazine Unicum. The centers of industry in North Rhine-Westphalia – Dortmund and Cologne – are easily reached from there.
Modern Equipment

We offer a program where you become familiar with the equipment that you will be using later. Thus, depending on the campus, facilities ranging from mac pools to photo studios and screen printing workshops are available.

For your projects, you can borrow laptops, cameras, and other accessories at all times.

State examined and accredited

University of Applied Sciences Europe is recognized and accredited by North Rhine-Westphalia and the German Council of Science and Humanities both by the state and as an institution, and this for 10 years, as one of the few universities for the longest-possible duration in Germany. All of our programs are accredited by FIBAA, one of the most relevant European and international-oriented agencies for quality assurance and development in academic education.

Your career after graduation

A Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences Europe is the optimal foundation for a successful professional future - be it in business, media, sports, IT and technology, employment, as manager, or entrepreneur.

Our Master’s programs give you the additional opportunity to establish yourself professionally, build on your personal skills, and step onto the next level in your career. Our International Career Center utilizes the contacts within our company and alumni network to personally support you in planning our individual carrier path and during the application phase.

Make the University of Applied Sciences Europe the stepping stone for your career and put something big in motion!


Our Vision

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, we are committed to providing our graduates with lasting and successful studies and training for jobs in the digital age. As a state-accredited university of applied sciences under private ownership, we promote especially independent entrepreneurial-creative thinking and acting. We provide the relevant specialist, decision-making and social skills through modern pedagogical concepts in flexible study programs. As a cosmopolitan, European university, we cultivate both local and global perspectives and actively promote the international mobility of our students.

We pursue respectful interpersonal relationships that motivate our students and employees to contribute to the shaping and further development of the university. At each campus, we cultivate a personal atmosphere by individually addressing and actively accompanying the unique strengths, life situations and development paths of our students.

The consistent combination of theoretical requirements and practical implementation promotes professional curiosity and provides orientation in the development of a unique profile. For this purpose, we consider dialogue-focused, interactive pedagogical concepts in small groups as the optimal manner to acquire result-oriented competencies. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary cooperation of our various departments offers students significant added value.

These goals are pursued and met by a professorship which itself is scientifically and practically active and is fully acquainted with the current challenges in its field of expertise. We execute our educational mission with equal responsibility towards both the professional and social requirements demanded of us. Ultimately, our university sees itself as an inviting platform for imparting knowledge and research in the process guiding our students to become independent, reflective and responsible personalities.


Our aims

Our most important aim is your success. We are there to see to it that you are ideally prepared to launch your professional career and to make your own way. With this in mind, we educate our students to become young professionals with an enterprising spirit and approach.

How knowledge and skills are taught

Today, you need a combination of abilities to forge a successful career. Substantive knowledge and social skills, management know-how, and confidence at an international level are the basis for a managerial career in the free economy. These days, enterprising young managers with good theoretical education and who have acquired relevant practical experience both at home and abroad during their studies are sought-after in all fields of business. We equip you to meet these requirements.

The results speak for themselves: Graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Europe enter employment very quickly.


What we offer

Outside of the lecture hall, various student initiatives at the University of Applied Sciences Europe give you valuable practical experience. We expect and encourage you to take part in these activities. They show how highly motivated the students are, and emphasize the practical approach of the university. The initiatives are as diverse as the courses of study.

Setting, pursuing, and achieving ambitious targets

Probably the best-known initiative is the “Campus Symposium”. Famous figures like Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, and Gerhard Schröder have in the past accepted an invitation to speak at this internationally renowned economic conference. This event is organized exclusively by students – from hosting the guests, catering, and ticket sales to PR, sponsor and speaker liaising. Other initiatives involve, for example, advising firms on how to solve business problems, the independent production of a TV or radio show, or social projects. However you get involved at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you will gain valuable practical experience.




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