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21 years of passion

An Innovative Pedagogical Project

For Exciting Trades

IDEM is an international school with a human dimension and unlimited ambition for its students with its two campuses in Perpignan and Barcelona.

IDEM, the school acclaimed by the pros

Since 1997, IDEM has been offering an innovative approach to creative and digital crafts sanctioned by State titles, Bachelors of Arts and certifications. Her pedagogical excellence, and her proximity to the actors of the various trades she prepares, ensures her students a successful entry into professional life.

  • 1997 Creation of IDEM Formation
  • 2003 Creation of IDEM Higher Education
  • 2011 Creation of IDEM Barcelona
  • 2016 Opening of the Cross-border Regional CFA for Creative and Digital Industries
  • 2018 Opening of the new audiovisual production platform of Le Soler's Digital Pole.
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The IDEM is:

  • RECA member,
  • labeled Regional School of Digital,
  • Cross-border CFA,
  • School of Higher Education,
  • Referent in training for creative and digital professions

IDEM is one of the major training schools for creative and digital crafts. With its dual campus (Perpignan - Barcelona) and its curriculum certified by the state at the heart of new technologies, IDEM offers an orientation towards future professions including web development, graphic design, digital communication, audiovisual, 2D animation and 3D, video games and sound professions.

Horizon 2020

For 20 years, IDEM has been a driving force and a player in the digital development of the Catalan territory. The increase in its reputation and its workforce has always been paired with the acquisition of new premises to house its classrooms and areas of implementation (studio, film set, etc.).

Throughout this adventure, the municipality of Soler was the central and historic partner thanks to which our school was able to meet these many logistical challenges.

Today, IDEM is taking a new step by becoming the heart of the digital hub that will be established at Soler in 2020 to strengthen and assemble the digital sector of the urban community.

The school will therefore integrate new premises on nearly 4000 m2 specially designed for it with application studios, a multi-purpose room and rooms dedicated to our trades.

This set of buildings will be at the center of a district dedicated to digital businesses and will enable IDEM to further strengthen the synergy with economic players in the creative and digital industries.

Thus, the digital pole will bring together:

  • IDEM Creative Arts School
  • The First Cross-Border Apprenticeship Training Center for Creative and Digital Industries (CFA)
  • The Regional School of Digital
  • The Media Action Center, a grouping of 24 startups in the sector certified by DATAR since 2011
  • An incubator, a nursery and a corporate hotel supported by the most confirmed professionals of the Cluster.
  • A multi-activity hall with 700 seats

Our courses in graphic design, digital design and motion design

Imagine creative concepts, carry out advertising campaigns, give life to innovative and impactful visuals, interface a mobile application or a website. Training with recognized professionals, that's what we propose to IDEM for future creative directors, motion designers, UI

Our training in 2d animation, 3d animation, generalist 3d and concept art

Create character and scenery concepts, storyboard a story, bring characters to life by animating them, modeling and texturing 3D assets, enriching a project with special effects. Training at one of the 25 RECA schools, that's what we propose at IDEM for the future Artists Concepts, 3D Generalists, 2D and / or 3D Animators, FX Specialists!

Our audiovisual and rich media training

Capture the image and the sound, rise to the service of a narration, sublimate with the calibration, ensure the audio capture and realize the sound dressing, enrich the contents with special effects. IDEM offers all these skills transmitted by a team of image and sound professionals for future directors, technicians and post-production managers!

Our training in sound professions

Sound is everywhere, it surrounds us every moment, it is an integral part of our environment, we feel it, we listen to it, it touches us. You dream to create it, to transform it, to mix it, to sublimate it ... IDEM professionals train you in all these skills for future discographic directors, sound engineers, recording studio assistants, sound managers sound managers

Our training in application development, website, front end and back end

Develop a hybrid or native mobile application, master the development of a dynamic website or a web software solution. Training with professional developers, that's what we offer at IDEM for future web project managers, client-side and server-side developers, swift or android developers!



31-33 Rue Chateaubriand
Le Soler

66270 Perpignan, Occitanie, France