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The Global Group Institution is a group of higher education and language training schools. The institution provides excellent training based on the jobs of tomorrow in fields such as luxury and the business of e-sports. G.G.I. is a unique platform for international students and offers access to many services facilitating student life in France as well as providing opportunities to earn diplomas in various disciplines from partner schools. G.G.I. provides unique, innovative training and custom diplomas recognized by the state.

The GGI Group is unique with innovative training and customized diploma and recognized by the state:

  • Partnership with renowned companies in France and Asia.
  • An international administration staff consisting of employees from Japan, China, Korea, and Russia, provide support services for accommodation, and daily and administrative procedures.
  • Opportunities to progress within partner universities in Australia, the United States, and Dubai.

Group Global Institution puts development potential in the heart of its training. To achieve this, it puts significant resources into customized support through a department dedicated to and specialized in tracking students throughout their academic career. This tailored support is intended to help develop the potential of each student through customized sessions promoting inquiry and reflection to allow:

  • Overcoming existing difficulties (stress management, promoting self-confidence, mental management, etc).
  • Meeting professional needs (orientation, preparation of an interview, job search or
  • traineeship, ...).
  • Achieving set goals
This school offers programs in:
  • French

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This school also offers:


Esport Course ( Bachelor 1 to 3 )

Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 France Paris

E-sports is a eld that will grow exponentially in the coming years thanks to the increased usage of special equipment gaming, streaming platforms, and even gaming in general. But what is e-sports? What are the opportunities? Who are the actors and what are the events devoted entirely to e-sports? These are questions that only we can answer. [+]


Stadiums packed with excited fans watching an interplanetary battle being played out on opposing screens; this is the new world of video games. No longer just confined to garages and basements, e-sport competitions have emerged as a new social phenomenon. E-sports has become more than a simple hobby or pastime but now a booming business attracting mainstream players sponsored by companies such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and New Balance. E-sports others privileged access to the younger generation, those between 15-25 years old, and forges ultra-connected and close relationships between the players and their fans via Reddit forums and online practice broadcasts on Azubu Twitch . « E-sports helps to expand and more closely connect people with the world of video games because it removes some of the negative connotation.»... [-]

Luxury course (Bachelor 1 to 3)

Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 France Paris

The curriculum BAC + 2 covers luxury specialty areas and trains in the management of a business unit and as well as to validate professional experience in the luxury business. [+]

The curriculum BAC + 2 covers luxury specialty areas and trains in the management of a business unit and as well as to validate professional experience in the luxury business. The program is a combination of France / Europe / Asia in that it stresses the importance of language training. It is essential for all students to develop mastery of three languages including French, Asian languages (Mandarin),and a third language(Spanish, English).



Markets and luxury players Art and Luxury (1) Fashion Trends Luxury Advertising Brand communication Digital Marketing History of Luxury (1)

Prices : B1 : 6 150 €



luxury Issues History of Luxury (2) Art and Luxury (2) Collecting and moodboard Luxury Product Management HRM in Luxury e-luxury ... [-]