This is Humak University of Applied Sciences

Net­work of Hu­man Con­nec­tions

Humak University of Applied Sciences is engaged in the development of higher education and modernization of the world of work. We contribute to forging new types of higher education, as well as research, development, and innovation that serve students on their career path and support professional partners as they develop their own activities.

We are the biggest educator and RDI-organisation in our areas of expertise in Finland. Our strengths are Youth work and communality; Organisation work, work communities and integration; Interpreting and linguistic accessibility, and Cultural management and conveyance.

Humak in Nutshell

Humak University of Applied Sciences is a highly profiled, nation-wide university of applied sciences, specializing in the development of expertise in organizational activities and youth work, work community development, entrepreneurship in cultural management and creative industries, and the interpreting sector. We are the largest actor in our sectors in Finland.

The special feature of Humak is its deep roots and ownership in liberal adult education and civic organizations. Humak was established on the need to ensure nationwide, university-level specialist education and research, development, and innovation activity in narrow but socially significant fields.

To ensure the nationwide availability of education and a strong cluster of expertise – a prerequisite for high-quality operations – Humak operates through a regionally decentralized, but operationally integrated nationwide network.

Humak is owned by Suomen Humanistinen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy. We have 1,500 students and around 130 professionals working with us.

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Humak is a Community Sharing its Knowledge

Humak seeks to intensify the work with its current partners and builds actively new partnerships. Humak is a community, and its operations are based on sharing knowledge and expertise openly and producing new information in cooperation through various networks.

It is our aim to share our training, innovation and service processes with our partners and to thus ensure the development of training, tuition and new knowledge, together in a network, and to smoothly transfer the knowledge for the use of the professional sector.

Cooperation and common processes create a platform for the forecasting, innovation, and development of future solutions. Students are closely involved in the development work, and Humak’s personnel bring their own expertise to the processes for the use and benefit of our partners.

Humak is an entity, a national cluster of expertise which serves its fields in entire Finland and also internationally.

Humak’s vision is to be a international and social university, engaged in the development of a fair and communal Finland. Our mission is to provide participation, social wellbeing and communality. We create information, competence and expertise in our fields.

Humak’s Strengths’


We are looking at strong partnerships with Finnish and foreign universities. The Strengths are based on our competence and make our profile concrete and highlight the cutting edge of our fields of activity. The strengths guide the strategic development of our operations. The strengths create even stronger competence clusters and expertise and they also guide the management of our partnerships.

  • Youth work and communality: we productize the skills to encounter young people
  • Organization work, work communities and integration: we improve the functionality, competitiveness and communal development of work communities.
  • Interpreting and linguistic accessibility: we participate in the development of professional skills and technology supporting linguistic accessibility.
  • Cultural management and conveyance: we promote cultural management skills as activity supporting participation, and develop digital environments for cultural and artistic productions and services.

New, emerging sectors that rise from the margins of our strength areas which guarantee that the competence requirements of the business and industrial life are taken into account in our activity: New participants (we reduce the feeling of not belonging and marginalization), New communality (we encourage network-based management and guidance), Communication expertise (we promote the encountering of diversity and knowledge of cultural minorities), Human rights and equality (we encourage societal equality).

Our Values

  • We respect each other.
  • We are open.
  • We succeed together.
  • We are brave in a way we renew and are renewed.
Programs taught in:
  • English

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Humak University of Applied Sciences

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Study at Humak University of Applied Sciences, the leading higher education institution in adventure education in Finland.

The community educator studies train specialists in adventure and outdoor education. Adventure and outdoor education is based on experiential and activity-based learning methodology and aims at supporting the growth, development, well-being, and agency of individuals, groups, and communities.

As the basis of the studies is a multidisciplinary theoretical framework, which is put into practice in versatile authentic learning environments, such as lakes, the sea, forests, and in the fells and wilderness of Lapland. During the studies, students learn to plan and carry out safe adventure educational processes for different target groups and to evaluate and develop adventure educational activities.... [-]

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September 2020
42 months