South Gate Society Arts Center


The South Gate Society Arts Center is the first, four-year Creative Writing School in Denmark and it opened in August 2015. The Writing School has developed a higher education curriculum commensurate with esteemed university literature departments worldwide who now offer degrees in Creative Writing; a discipline that has become decidedly professionalized throughout academia. Seven-degree programs are offered: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, Children’s Literature, Playwriting, and Screenwriting. The curriculum is rigorous and combines a traditional approach to the study of literature with contemporary genres, while also incorporating classes in the craft of writing, and integrates a unique entrepreneurial approach by combining the art of writing with the business of art. The program endeavors to not only inspire writers to write but to publish, to find agents, and to leave the school with careers in the field of writing.



Trekanten bibliotek og kulturhus

Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus Sebbersundvej 2A
9220 Aalborg, Denmark
+45 4131 8032