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The MIAS School of Business has been established at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in 1992, reviving the tradition of research and education in economics, business and language studies, which has been an integral part of the oldest European technical university since 1919 as its School of Commerce.

Alongside the eight Engineering Faculties of CTU (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Nuclear Science, Architecture, Transportation, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology), and in close cooperation with them, MIAS has focused primarily on interdisciplinary and complementary disciplines, including economics, management studies, language studies, regional development, engineering pedagogy and history.

Since inception, the core activities of MIAS have included teaching in publicly accredited Degree Programs, granting its graduates corresponding undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. From 1994 through 2014, a total of 678 students also graduated from a highly successful joint MBA program with Sheffield Hallam University. In the early nineties, MIAS acquired JASPEX, an experienced and prestigious provider of language education, contributing to MIAS also becoming a leading and certified institution in the area of general and specialized language training for academics, professionals and the general public.

Over 100 in-house teaching and research staff supplemented by a number of visiting lecturers, supervisors and professional consultants currently teach 1,300 students in Degree Programs at MIAS. Hundreds of participants also attend professional, qualification and language courses and seminars, tutored by a well-formed blend of academics and practitioners. MIAS faculty also participate in numerous research projects, both domestic and international, and provide advisory services and training programs for firms, professional bodies and public agencies.

Internationalization is a strategic priority. Its means include preparatory courses in English, as well as Czech for foreigners, tailor-made for foreign students aspiring to enrol at CTU or other Czech Universities. Rigorous foreign language training traverses the whole undergraduate curriculum, culturally diverse classes in many courses enhance the learning experience of all students. MIAS encourages international mobility by its students and faculty, welcomes exchange students, develops full-time programs in English as well as an International Summer School, targeting a broad international pool of talent with ambition to cross cultural and professional boundaries and succeed in a global economy.

MIAS is thus uniquely positioned to provide prestigious University degrees featuring a robust theoretical background, meaningful insights into particular industry sectors, as well as a high communication proficiency and good intercultural skills. Its graduates are well prepared for various professional roles in industry, project management, international business, innovation or industrial and regional policy.


MIAS has offices and classrooms in its own building within the campus of the Czech Technical University, located in the upscale urban district of Prague 6 – Dejvice. This gives convenient access to most CTU premises, including its modern library or sports compound, to numerous local pubs and restaurants, as well as to downtown Prague.

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MIAS School of Business

The undergraduate Economics and Management program prepares students for professional work in international teams, analytical and entry-level managerial positions in indu ... [+]


The undergraduate Economics and Management program prepares students for professional work in international teams, analytical and entry-level managerial positions in industry, commerce, consulting and public administration, as well as for continuing their studies in Master degree programs worldwide.

In the 2019 intake, students will be able to select from concentrations in Marketing and International Trade. Teaching in concentration classes begins in the Fourth Semester.

Enter the degree program with high school qualification and adequate proficiency in Mathematics and English, and graduate upon gaining 180 ECTS credits, passing final exams and defending a Bachelor's Thesis in three years.... [-]

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September 2019
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