Academy of Performing Arts in Prague


Studies at our Department are focused on a psychosomatically oriented approach to dramatic culture and creation, to authorship and concept of play. The key disciplines are Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner, Authorial Reading, and Authorial Presentation. The Department also conducts research in cooperation with the Institute for the Research and Study of Authorial Acting.

The Department was founded in 1992 by Professor Ivan Vyskočil, a renowned actor, writer, psychologist, performer and educator, a prominent figure in Czech absurd and small-forms theatre of the 1960s. After him, the Department was directed by Professor Přemysl Rut, a playwright, actor, writer, pianist and songwriter, and interpreter. Currently, the Head of the Department is Michal Čunderle, Ph.D., a theatre theoretician, publisher and author of fairy tales. The Authorial Acting Program in English is led by Dr. Eva Slavíková, a psychotherapist and theoretician of the psychosomatic disciplines and Dialogical Acting.

There are currently about forty Czech and international students in our Department. You can find out more about the Department and what we do here at the final exams that take place at the end of each semester and are open to the public; at the student 'Festival of Authorial Creation Nablizko'; in several our publications, performances and at other occasions. We regularly open courses of Dialogical Acting for students of other universities as well as the general public, both in the Czech and English language. We also organize a two-year course in Creative Pedagogy.

The Authorial Acting Program at DAMU comes out of the humanist and dialogical traditions. It views performance first and foremost as creative public behavior. We cultivate the creativity of body, voice and of mind in real-time by exploring acting through the lenses of different disciplines – this includes theatre performance. Students are encouraged to go beyond traditional forms of theatre, crossing boundaries and drawing on personal experiences in fields like education, social work, and psychology.



Karlova 26
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