Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU) is a public university under the authority of Zhejiang Province, where foreign languages and literature are advantaged disciplines, literature, economics, management, pedagogy, science, art and other disciplines develop coordinately. ZISU can be traced back to Zhejiang College of Education founded in 1955 and began ordinary undergraduate education in 1994. It started to adopt the present name in 2010. The university is a base for the cultivation of internationally applied talents. At present, 8200 full-time students are studying in more than 30 majors for Bachelor’s degree or associate degree offered in 12 schools. The university actively promotes international education exchange and cooperation. ZISU is the representative University of Chinese government outstanding undergraduate international exchange program and Zhejiang Province outstanding undergraduate international exchange program. Through international joint development projects like the mutual recognition of credits and degrees, the university sends 250 students abroad annually. Corporative relationships were established with Russia, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Mexico and other countries and regions, in around 30 countries and more than 60 colleges and universities. ZISU also recruits from North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe and other areas of international students studying in ZISU for long or short terms. The university also organized the Confucius Institution with the National University of Equatorial Guinea to actively participate in the international promotion of Chinese. The university is situated in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. ZISU has two campuses, Wensanlu campus and Xiaoheshan campus, total occupying 430000 m2. Wensanlu campus is located in the downtown of Hangzhou with convenient traffic. The south side of Wensanlu campus is West Lake, and the east side is an ancient canal. Xiaoheshan campus is located in higher education zone of Hangzhou with fresh air and beautiful scenery, which is the ideal place for studying.

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Zhejiang International Studies University

This program aims at cultivating broad global view students and multi-disciplinary talents of Doing Business in China, who have a solid foundation of the English language ... [+]

This program is taught in English, it aims at cultivating broad global view students and multi-disciplinary talents of Doing Business in China, who have a solid foundation of the English language, knowledge of international business, applied linguistics, applied economics, business management and international law, understanding of international business practice, business communication skills and humanities studies, and capability of such professions as intercultural communication management and international arbitration in international business competition and cooperation.

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This is a four-year program, ranging from 3 to 6 years. 16 class hours equal to 1 credit, 1-week activity hours equal to 1 credit. 121 credits are required for graduation with 113 credits for class hours and 8 credits for activity hours of innovation and entrepreneurship. There are about 1,936 study hours with in 4 years.... [-]

China Hangzhou
September 2019
3 - 6 years