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The Catholic University of Cameroon CATUC, Bamenda was founded in the name of the Catholic Church by the bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda as a national institution of learning. Given its origins and the historic role of its ecclesiastical faculties, this university has a responsibility to the Church in Cameroon: It is called to be an intellectual center of the highest quality, where the relationship between revealed truth and human truth can be examined in depth and with authority against the background of the Cameroon experience.
The Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda became fully operational in October 2011 and is now a community of scholars, both faculty and students, seeking to discover, preserve and impart the Truth in all its forms, with particular reference to the needs and opportunities of the Cameroon nation.

Catuc's Nature

As an academia, it is essentially a free and autonomous center of learning and a missionary enterprise for evangelization and the provision for the common good of human society. Thus, it constantly endeavors to cultivate and impart an understanding of the Christian faith within the context of all forms of human inquiry and values.

As a member of the Cameroon academic community, it accepts the standards and procedures of Cameroon institutions and seeks to achieve distinction within the academic world. Faithful to the Christian message as it comes through the Magisterium and faithful to its own national traditions, The Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda has a privileged role to be of service to Christian teachings and education in the Catholic community as well as to serve the nation and the world.

The university recognizes that its distinctive character ultimately depends on the intellectual and moral quality of its members. As a faith community the university seeks to create an environment that is intellectually stimulating and characterized by the generosity and mutual support required for collegial life and personal growth, the university seeks men and women who are not only professionally competent but who also can contribute to its Catholic, moral and cultural milieu.

Catuc's Engagements

The University is committed not only to graduate but also to undergraduate and professional institutions in the cultivation of the arts and sciences. It seeks the advancement of knowledge within a context of liberal studies, a context which reflects both its concern for the whole person and the distinctive wisdom and knowledge to which it is heir as a Catholic institution.
The University aims at achieving and maintaining in higher education a leading place among Catholic and other privately endowed, research-oriented institutions of comparable size, purpose and tradition within the Cameroon context. It gives primacy to scholarship and scientific research and to the training of future scholars through its graduate programs, not only in order to advance scientific work but also because it recognizes that undergraduate and professional education of high quality also demands the presence of an academic staff that combines teaching and professional activity with a fundamental scholarship.
Through its professional programs, the university seeks to educate men and women who can represent their respective professions with distinction and honesty and who are formed by the learning and values inherent in its academic and Catholic traditions. In selecting disciplines or fields of specialization to be supported at an advanced level of study and research, the university accords priority to programs which advance the Catholic tradition of humanistic learning and which serve the contemporary and future needs of society and the Church.
The university seeks to preserve its tradition of collegial governance, fostering a climate within which all members of the university community have sufficient opportunities to influence deliberation and choice. Though a research and teaching institution, the university recognizes that it is part of a larger community to which it has certain obligations consistent with its character.



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