EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration


EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública)

The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation - was established in April 1952 and has played an important role in training university and government personnel both in Brazil and in other countries in Latin America and Africa.

From the outset, it has run administration courses at the graduate and specialized levels, as well as a wide-ranging research program and technical consultancy service for government businesses and entities.

The Master of Public Administration program, set up in 1967, has trained personnel to take up key positions in direct and indirect administration in state companies and major Brazilian companies.

In the educational field, in addition to the Undergraduate course in Administration, Master of Public Administration course, the Master of Business Administration course, the Ph.D. in Administration course, EBAPE currently offers extension and specialization courses for employees and management of state companies in addition to open continuing education and training programs for over four thousand students per year.

Research projects promoted by EBAPE cover the areas of government and administration, management of the public and private sectors, public policy, social management, education in public administration and insight into the public sector infrastructure. EBAPE also publishes a bi-monthlyPublic Administration Journal (RAP - Revista de Administração Pública), founded in 1967, a bi-monthly Portuguese and Brasilian Journal of Management (RPBG - Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão) and an Electronic Journal - Cadernos EBAPE.BR.

EBAPE fosters cooperation between institutions and exchange programs. Over the years, these programs have been an incentive for developing joint research efforts and technical counseling projects with other Administration Schools.

EBAPE's academic policy is formulated by the Consultative Council made up of its faculty members. The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of the School, through its Academic Training and Research Centers, Lato Sensu Graduate Center and Consultancy, Training and Managerial Development Centers.

In addition to the activities conducted at its head offices in Rio de Janeiro, EBAPE has extended and consolidated its work in regional nuclei around the country and abroad. Special programs in technical training and consultancy are held in Brasília and other Brazilian cities.

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Bachelor of Administration

Campus Full time March 2019 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The undergraduate courses in Administration in Rio de Janeiro have the added advantage of being taught exclusively by faculty members with Master's Degrees and Ph.Ds. The course ... [+]

The schools where the courses are to be taught are traditional centers of excellence in their areas of competence, with widespread national and international recognition, in addition to having top ratings in both academic quality and the standard of their faculty members. Both possess an extensive list of publications, studies, theses and research papers both in Brazil and abroad that attest to their dynamism, knowledge and, above all, their pioneering spirit.

•Established in 1952, EBAPE was the first institution dedicated to Administration in the whole of Latin America. It maintains its position as a perceived leader in training qualified personnel both for the public as well as the private sectors. It was as a result of this double focus of EBAPE that Brazil embarked on the systematic study of administration as a science. ... [-]