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The institutional mission shows that the University Center FACEX will be committed to the intellectual quality of the training of their students with the quality of care to the needs, desires and expectations of society, forming competent and capable professionals to find creative solutions to local problems , regional and national.

This institutional commitment is strongly anchored in philosophical principles and ethical and educational beliefs that guide their actions, among which we highlight:

aware of its social responsibility, committed to the values ​​of justice, equality and fraternity; permanent role in the rescue of citizenship - in the formation of the citizen, be ethical and political, conscious of their rights and duties, able to intervene in the socio-economic development process of the community in which it operates, with an integrated view of society and the world; unifying action, open to all knowledge, critical, creative and competent, able to contribute to the development of the state and the region in which it operates. commitment results in the continued pursuit of high academic and scientific performance of your community; willingness to form partnerships and alliances with other institutions, aiming to develop integration programs with a view to training and development of human values; equal conditions of access and permanence in the institution; freedom to learn, teach, research and publish culture, thought, art and knowledge; pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions; respect for freedom and appreciation for tolerance; standard quality assurance and linkage between academic training, work and social practices.
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Accounting Sciences

Campus Full time 8 semesters March 2018 Brazil Natal

Accounting Course UNIFACEX University Center has as its primary objective, to provide students a general and humanistic culture. [+]

The Accounting Course UNIFACEX University Center has as its primary objective, to provide students a general and humanistic culture, in order to form the Bachelor able to grasp reality and, under the rule of ethics, identify, analyze and interpret economic and financial phenomena through tools, models and techniques of accounting, acting as an agent of change in management and solutions for the balance problems of organizations. Goals The professional trained in UNIFACEX have ability to handle business and financial data, organizing Accounting, producing information and evaluating controls and assets. The curriculum adopted will provide ample knowledge that allow the student to develop their potential, such as creativity, leadership and pro-activity. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a professional trained to analyze, plan, organize and record equity variations in the physical and legal persons of public and private sectors, ethically, aiming at regional and national progress. METHODOLOGY COURSE Curriculum matrix modern, with a highly qualified teaching staff, providing a systemic vision to the student, both technical and managerial; Supervised by allowing the student to integrate to the market and show your talent to potential future employers; Classes combining theory and practice; Use of modern computer labs; Support and participation in scientific projects, technical visits, conferences, fairs and other scientific and business events. Shift operation: Campus CIC: Morning, Afternoon and Night Monthly payment: morning | R $ 655.00 Integral | R $ 495.00 Paid to the Evening maturity | R $ 655.00 Integral | R $ 534.00 Paid to... [-]


Campus Full time 8 semesters March 2018 Brazil Natal

The UNIFACEX Administration course's mission is to train professionals capable of managing organizations in the light of changes and transformations inherent in the present. [+]

MISSION The UNIFACEX Administration course's mission is to train professionals capable of managing organizations in the light of changes and transformations inherent in contemporary and promote positive results within the organizational paradigms, always internalize values ​​such as human enhancement, professional ethics, justice, social responsibility and environmental. Goals The goal of UNIFACEX Administration course is to train graduates capable of appropriating continuously, technical, social, economic, political, technological and cultural foundations to exercise their profession through innovative strategies that suit the regional peculiarities, national and international organizations. WHY UNIFACEX ADMINISTRATION? We are the 5th best course of management in Brazil according ENADE indicators; Starry course in the evaluation of higher education conducted by Student Guide 2012 and 2013 Editora Abril; Pedagogical Political Project appropriate to the new guidelines the Ministry of Education, focusing on training for competence-based teaching, research and extension; faculty comprising 80% of masters and doctors with an average of 5 years in the course; trained teachers, dynamic and articulated with business practices; dynamic lessons using methodologies that value the development of the theory combined with business experience through diagnostics and organizational analysis as early as the 1st period; Exclusive business simulation methodology that favors consolidation of tacit knowledge and transdisciplinary; NE3 - Center for Studies in Business Strategy integrates teachers and students in applied research; Full integration with the graduate; They are continuously developed activities of various sorts, such as lectures, technical visits, mini-courses, assistance to community among others; scholarships for students in basic scientific research; educational monitoring of... [-]