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The Faculty of Science is very diverse. Researchers within the faculty focus on the study of the smallest and the largest in the universe, the living and non-living matter, seeking knowledge on the most fundamental level or developing high-tech applications. Therefore we provide education and research at a high international level, with science and technology directed towards the needs of the society. Next to this we offer courses and programmes in all traditional fields, but also in many more specialised disciplines.


Through active cooperation agreements we welcome approximately 120 exchange students every year and this number is still increasing. Most exchange students come from European countries. A lot of these students take part in research work in the laboratories of the faculty. We also accept about 150 regular international students from all over the world in our bachelor, master, postgraduate and PhD programmes.

We are proud to be attentive to the needs of our foreign students, offering guidance on all levels.


The Faculty of Sciences contributes to the development of science and the growth of knowledge in Flanders and the world. The faculty invests in research that meets the international quality standards. In our 13 departments with their accompanying research groups we offer young researchers a stimulating research environment. Every research group has identified a number of research fields. The topics of the research fields span a broad spectrum.

Facts and figures

Departments: 13
Staff members
  • Professors: 130
  • Assistants and Scientific Staff: 700
  • Administrative and Technical Staff: 160
  • Bachelor students: 1250
  • Master students: 950
  • Doctoral students: 1500

Ghent University Global Campus

Ghent University is the first European university to become part of the Global Campus in Incheon, Korea. Ghent University-Global Campus offers three bachelor degree programs: Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, and Food Technology.


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Krijgslaan 281 - S2
9000 Ghent, Flanders, Belgium

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