Гомельский государственный университет имени Франциска Скорины


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History of Gomel State University. F. Scorina begins with 1929, when the decision of the CEC of the BSSR, it was decided to open in Gomel agropedagogicheskogo Institute. Over the years the Institute has prepared for different areas of the national economy about 13,000 highly qualified specialists have been significant advances in the field of science. Today Gomel State University. F. Scorina - is the largest research and training center, which has rightfully gained recognition from national and international scientific community. The oldest university in the region has become a real intellectual and cultural nucleus of the Belarusian Polesie. The scientific potential of GSU them. F. Scorina quite solid. The total number of employed person in 1487, including the faculty (PPP) (without part-time) - 678. Among the teaching staff and researchers of 40 doctors, 31 Professor, 250 candidates of sciences, 209 associate professor. Among doctors, five members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (A.V.Rogachev, LA Shemetkov, AN Serdyukov, GG Goncharenko, VF Baginski). Reserve scientific and teaching personnel is a post-graduate course (56 majors) and Doctorate (5 specialties). Since 2004, the magistracy. The university has four council for the defense of dissertations on 6 specialties, including a doctorate.



Gomel State University
Sovetskaya 104

246019 Gomel, Gomel Region, Belarus