Hundreds of thousands of international students flock to Germany every year to take advantage of its extraordinary higher education opportunities. But how many of them want to stay when they complete their coursework? recently set out to answer this question, and the results were eye-opening. Here’s a closer look.

The Majority and More

After conducting a study of 4,339 participants, discovered that a staggering 69.2 percent of international students planned to find jobs in Germany after finishing their studies, which the surveyors attribute to Germany’s promising job market.

Meanwhile, just 16.5 percent said they planned to return home immediately, while 14.3 percent hoped to travel in Germany before going back to their home countries.

Other Key Findings

The survey also examined what brought international students to Germany in the first place. The country’s free tuition was the largest draw, with 35.3 percent of people saying the low cost drew them to Germany. The high-quality of academic staff found at German universities came in a close second with 29.3 percent of respondents citing it as their reason for choosing Germany.

The country’s abundance of English language programming claimed the third spot with 20.4 percent of international students indicating its role in their choice of international study destinations, while 15.1 percent picked Germany because of its beauty.

While Germany may offer one of the least expensive paths to a college degree, there’s still a financial toll involved with attending college in any country. When it came to covering their expenses, 37.5 percent of international students revealed that the ability to work part-time in Germany was a major factor in their financial planning. Personal funds (29 percent), scholarships (24.3 percent) and student loans (9.2 percent) rounded out the list of ways international students planned to pay for their studies in Germany.