The Impact of Working Extra Hours on Low-Income Students
September 17, 2018
In his resignation letter last month from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), then-Assistant Director & Student Loan Ombudsman Seth Frotman lamented the plight of struggling American families “caught in a system rigged to favor the most powerful financial interests.” Here’s a closer look at what he had to say, along with how his perspective is backed by the results of a new study from Georgetown University.

Does Divorce Impact A Child’s Chances of Getting a College Degree?
September 13, 2018
We know that divorce impacts kids in many ways. Now comes news that children of divorce are half as likely as their peers to earn advanced degrees. Here’s a closer look at the research.

Generation Z: Where Do They Stand On College?
September 10, 2018
Where do Generation Zers stand on college? A study has shed further light on the issue. Its assertion? That Gen Z will actually surpass previous generations in terms of college attendance.

Boys Catching Up to Girls on GCSEs
September 6, 2018
The results of England’s new GCSE exams are in, and the news is good for boys, who saw “across-the-board improvements." How did girls fare, meanwhile, and is there a catch? Here’s a closer look.

GCSE Results Improve Despite Tougher Exams
September 3, 2018
The UK's GCSE exam may have gotten harder, but that has not stopped students from doing better on it. Pass rates in England, Northern Ireland and Wales increased, despite the recent overhaul that made the exams tougher. Let's take a closer look.

Funding Will Help More Companies Offer Education Benefits
August 30, 2018
Employers throughout the US have begun offering a new benefit to employees: partial or complete tuition for education. Now comes news that startup Guild Education, a company which sets up these benefits by creating partnerships between higher education institutions and employers, has raised $40 mill...

NZ Prime Minister: My Daughter Will Learn Maori
August 27, 2018
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently made history by becoming one of only two world leaders to give birth while holding office. Now comes news that she will continue her trailblazing ways by vowing that her infant daughter will learn the country’s waning indigenous language, Maori.

In the UK, the Majority of International Students Opt for Shared Accommodation
August 23, 2018
More international students than not opt for shared housing accommodations. Let's take a closer look at this trend.

In The Netherlands, Beware Of Dodgy Landlords
August 20, 2018
International students in the Netherlands must fight through some fierce terms to get a place to stay. Let's take a closer look at the international student housing market in the Netherlands.

This Man Graduated from Oxford at Age 95
August 17, 2018
Think waiting four years to get your degree is a long time? It’s a mere fraction of the 76 years John Philip Trower waited between completing his degree at Oxford University and finally receiving it. Here is a closer look at his inspiring story.


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