Should I Stay or Should I Go? How to Transition from a High-School to University Study Abroad
March 22, 2016

Studying abroad used to be primarily for university students, but in recent years, the number of secondary school students studying overseas has risen. Many students choose to study abroad during high school because it will help them get into university, but what if you're a high school study abroad student who wants to stay in your host country for undergraduate studies? Well, lucky for you we've put together some tips to help you figure out how to organize long-term study as an international student.

Ghana Hosts 7000 International Students
March 21, 2016
Ghana's higher education system has grown substantially in the last few decades, and students from around the world are choosing Ghana as a study destination. But the African country wants to increase its international presence. Let's find out more about higher education in Ghana!

Foreign Students Flocking to India in 2015
March 17, 2016
India saw a staggering 50 percent increase in international students from 2014 to 2015, according to Union home ministry statistics as reported by the Times of India. Let’s take a closer look at this promising trend, along with what it means for students, India and international study at large...

Early Childhood Experiences Linked to Student Mobility
March 14, 2016
Why do some students choose to study abroad and others forgo the opportunity? A new German study may have the answer. The study points to a surprising inspiration, and could have some exciting implications for education. Let's see what the study found and what it could mean for a new generation of s...

A Makeover for Canada’s Higher Education Brand?
March 10, 2016
As more countries angle for a greater share of the global higher education market, Canada is stepping up its game. At last month’s Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) meeting in Montreal, the country announced a new branding initiative aimed at raising its profile amon...

Russia Expects Influx of International Students
March 8, 2016
Russia’s presence on the global higher education stage is about to get a serious boost. Just how much growth can we expect to see in the years ahead? Let’s take a closer look.

Going Away with Denmark’s Taximeter Scheme?
March 7, 2016
Denmark’s Ministry of Education and Science has proposed a new university funding scheme which will replace its “taximeter” method. Let’s take a closer look at the changes ahead, along with what they mean for Denmark’s higher education system.

International Students Fuel University Retention Rates in England
February 29, 2016
English universities are happy to report that student drop-out rates are falling. This comes from a new report on university enrollment and retention rates, but the report also shows that the decline in drop-outs could be coming from a very surprising sector. Let’s take a closer look at the re...

Twenty-six Reasons to Study in Sweden
February 25, 2016
If you’ve never considered Sweden as a study abroad destination, the choice could be as simple as ABC.  Last year, the government of Sweden released a new promotional video aimed at attracting more international students to Sweden’s universities, and it’s getting a lot of atte...

How Spain Is The Number One Destination For Erasmus Students
February 22, 2016
The European Commission’s recently released report sheds interesting light on the state of international student and faculty exchange in Europe as well as on university cooperation at large. Let’s take a closer look at countries which are getting it right, along with key takeaways for in...


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