American Women Earn More Bachelor's Degrees than Men
June 2, 2016

Why should you earn a bachelor's degree? Well, if you're a woman some new statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has several good reasons. Here's what the BLS survey found and what it means for women (and men) in higher education in the United States.

Female Enrollment Drives Higher Education Growth in Kenya
May 30, 2016
Kenya's higher education sector is growing rapidly, and women are leading the charge. In the last year, student enrollment at Kenyan universities has risen by nearly a quarter, and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing. Here's a quick look at the state of higher education in Kenya and what it means f...

Vietnam Moving Toward More Mobility
May 26, 2016
Vietnam has made significant strides toward enhanced international education relations over the past month. Countries specifically in its sights? The U.S., the U.K., and Japan. Let’s take a look at some recent highlights, along with goals for the future of higher education in Vietnam.

Thai Students Increasingly Seek Out International Universities
May 23, 2016
What do you do if you’re a Thai student looking to amp up your employability in today’s competitive workforce? Seek out international study programs, according to a recent survey. Let’s take a closer look at the research, along with what it means for students, academic, and the job...

Downturn in Australia’s Mining Industry Puts Higher Education at the Forefront
May 19, 2016
The Australian government recently announced plans to shore up the economy following the slowdown of Australia’s mining industry after a 10-year boom. Taking center stage in its strategies? Claiming an even greater share of the international higher education market.

Chinese Premier Wants Universities to Have More Freedom and Flexibility
May 16, 2016
Last month, the Chinese Premier Li Kequiang visited two of China's most prestigious universities in an effort to encourage research and innovation in the country's higher education sector. The Chinese government wants its universities to lead the way and help modernize China's economy. Let's find ou...

Canada Debuts $2B Program for Higher Education Innovation
May 12, 2016
Canada recently reinforced its commitment to excellence in research, science and innovation by opening the application process for new $2 billion infrastructure higher education funding. Let’s take a closer look at the plan, along with its projected impact on higher education in Canada as well...

Singapore Universities to Look Beyond Grades
May 9, 2016
While intake allowances have long mandated that Singapore’s polytechnic institutes and universities select and enroll students according to their grades, a new scheme set to debut in 2017 will allow more room to admit students on the basis of aptitude-related factors, including interests and t...

Russia Takes Aims at Attracting More Vietnamese Students
May 5, 2016
Representatives of several Russian universities traveled to Vietnam last month as part of an ongoing effort to improve bilateral relations between the two countries. A major goal of the trip? Better positioning toward attracting a larger share of Vietnam’s rising international student populati...

A Call for More Inter-Regional Exchange in Asia?
May 2, 2016
Last month’s Asia Pacific Association of International Education (APAIE) conference in Melbourne brought together 1,650 representatives from all over the world to discuss the current and future state of international education. The takeaway? Not only is mobility essential to global growth, but...


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