In the US, Young Workers Likely to Have Bachelor’s Degree
June 22, 2017

The educated workforce is growing, especially in the US.  Let’s take a look at where this college educated workforce comes from.

Are You Learning Anything in College?
June 19, 2017
Given the high cost of a college education, it’s only natural to wonder: Are students really learning anything? Now, a new study yields interesting insights into the question, according to a report from MarketWatch. Here’s a closer look at the findings, along with key takeaways for stude...

Japan Takes Aim at Regional Vitalization
June 15, 2017
Tokyo’s universities are a major destination for students. However, according to the Japanese government, a glut of students in the city’s 23 wards is detracting from regional vitalization throughout Japan. In an effort to counter the trend, the government has plans for a new law which w...

Student Mobility to Improve Between France and Canada
June 14, 2017
Interested in studying in Canada or France?  A new agreement will encourage more student mobility between the two countries.  Let’s take a closer look at this strong partnership—and what it means for students.

Great Start for International Student Numbers in Australia
June 8, 2017
With some of the finest higher education programs in the world and opportunities to learn English, it’s no surprise that Australia’s international student numbers are off to a great start in 2017.  Let’s take a closer look.

Half of the 15 Highest Paying Jobs Are In Tech
June 5, 2017
If you’re in the market for a job and have a background in tech, you’re in luck. Half of the 15 highest paying entry-level jobs are in the tech sector, according to LinkedIn’s latest data. Let’s take a closer look.

Malaysia Announces Gap Year Initiative
June 1, 2017
Malaysia’s new gap year program, slated to begin in September, has attracted lots of interest from Malaysian students who have new opportunities to prepare themselves for life after university.  Let’s take a closer look.

Paper Is Dead: What Does This Mean For Student Mobility?
May 29, 2017
Australia just declared the death of paper—at least in the global academic sense.  Let’s take a look at what this means, and Australia’s plans to improve student mobility.

Scotland’s Universities Call for Post-Study Work Visas
May 25, 2017
One of Theresa May’s early moves as home secretary for the UK was to do away with a visa scheme which allowed international students to stay and work in England and Scotland following the completion of their studies. Now, Scotland’s academic leaders have united to call for the reintroduc...

Women More Concerned About Tuition than Men
May 22, 2017
A new study from UCLA shows that women are much more concerned about the costs of college than men.  Find out more about the study—and a possible reason why. Let’s take a closer look.


June 23, 2017

Many college students find themselves tackling invaluable life skills for the very first time when they head off to college. From keeping your gas tan...

June 20, 2017

Just because universities are bastions of knowledge doesn’t mean you can learn everything you need to know in life inside a classroom. In fact, ...

June 16, 2017

Nearly every student who has ever studied abroad will tell you what an unbelievable, amazing, and life-changing experience it is. One word they may le...