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Established in 1989, Yuan Ze University may be young by traditional standards, yet it has been recognized as a model for newly emerging universities within the shortest period. As the first and the only university to win the National Quality Award in 2003, Yuan Ze received an award from the Ministry of Education for the Teaching Excellence Project in 2005. Successively, it has been designated by the MOE as one of the top 12 universities in Taiwan, receiving an award for the “Aim for the Top University and Elite Research Center Development Project” since 2005. Granted with the highest honor in teaching, research and administration, Yuan Ze has become a marvel of higher education, in Taiwan.

Giving top priority to students in the areas of teaching and counseling, Yuan Ze emphasizes education in both creativity and ethics. Moreover, we are active in the nation’s pioneering “Classics 50 Reading Project,” “YeSir Mentorship Program” and promote all types of activities that will enrich students’ extracurricular studies. Founded by the Far Eastern Group, we have established close relationships with all of its subsidiaries to form an industrial and academia alliance. The internship plan for both domestic and international students can be fully realized through such a network. Based on the unique niche Yuan Ze has created, we provide added value to students and faculty members and expect ourselves to be the benchmark university in industry-academia collaboration.

The main theme of the University’s development strategy emphasizes differentiation and internationalization. Through differentiation in curriculum design and research, we will create our distinguishing characteristics and brand; while in recruiting outstanding foreign faculty and potential international students with provision of favorable packages and scholarships/fellowships. The International Language and Culture Center offers Mandarin and cultural programs for international students; hosts various cultural activities; and promotes cultural exchange on campus.

As the youngest and most energetic university of Taiwan’s Top universities, we will continue to fully utilize our competitive advantages of “innovation,” “quality,” and “flexibility.” We provide a challenging environment for students to enjoy learning, develop their potentials and surpass themselves; for faculty to devote themselves to inspiring and mentoring their students and the pursuit of truth and academic excellence; and for staff to promote the quality of service and fulfill personal growth.


Currently Yuan Ze has five colleges including the Colleges of Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Electrical and Communications Engineering. There are over 9,000 students with a 2:1 ratio between undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Aimed at housing key research centers in Taiwan, our Fuel Cell Center and Communications Research Centers have integrated all resources and recruited talents in all engineering-related departments at Yuan Ze through support from the Top Universities Project. With the success of these two centers, Yuan Ze also places heavy focus on the promotion of overall teaching and research capacity. The College of Management has established the first EMBA program in Taiwan and all the courses in the Graduate School of Management are conducted in English to further connect our students to the international marketplace. The College of Informatics is the first college in Taiwan to adopt information as the core for its teaching and research. It emphasizes on practical experience with the integration between technology and social studies. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is working closely with our College of General Studies to promote teaching and research in humanities, general education, and ethics.

    Campus Features


      Required Documents

      • Photocopy of diploma (in English or Chinese). Must show the degree you have obtained in the previous university/institution.
      • Photocopy of transcript (in English or Chinese). Each transcript must provide a year-by-year listing of all courses. Please also provide the transcript of your current school if you apply for transfer.
      • Two recommendation letter
      • Resume
      • Statement of purpose
      • Passport-size photos (taken within the last six months and against a white background)
      • Official score report of an English proficiency test, such as TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS/Cambridge ESOL/GEPT/CSEPT or English Medium Instruction Certificate
      • Official score report of a Chinese proficiency test(TOCFL/HSK) (Required for the Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature applicants)
      • Portfolio (Required for the Department of Information Communication and Department of Art and Design applicants)
      • Financial statement with at least US$ 4,000

      All required application forms and relevant documents must be completed before the deadlines shown above. Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Applicants must assume full responsibility for a rejected application.

      Visa Requirements


      If you are going to study in Taiwan for a degree program, which is more than 6 months, you will have to apply for a Resident Visa.

      There are 2 ways for you to apply for the Resident Visa:

      1. If you got admitted by a Taiwanese university for a degree program, you would have to contact the nearest Taiwanese embassy, consulate, or representative office.

      1. If you already stayed in Taiwan with a Visitor Visa, and are qualified for applying for a Resident Visa, you can go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs for application.

      Required Documents

      To apply for a Resident Visa, you will need the following documents





      Application form

      Fill out the application form online


      (original & photocopy)

      Valid for 6 months with blank pages


      2 passport-size photos

      Color photos with a white background taken within 6 months


      Health certificate

      Issued within 3 months by one of the designated hospitals
      Or check the website of the Centers for Disease Control


      Admission permit or Certificate of enrollment
      (original & photocopy)

      Admission permit or Certificate of enrollment with a record of registration issued from the university you are going to attend


      Diploma and transcript of your highest education
      (original & photocopy) 

      Issued by the school you previously studied


      Financial statement

      Bank statements or records of remittance, etc.

      Scholarships and Funding

      Studying at university requires you to pay for your tuition and cover your living expenses. However, financial support is available. To reward outstanding achievement and to help ensure that fears about finance do not constrain prospective international students from considering study at Yuan Ze University, we are pleased to offer a number of scholarships for international students.

      The Scholarships showed as below are only for international degree students who are applying for admission in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.

      Please kindly note that YZU only provides assistance and consultation to the application of YZU Scholarship, ICDF Scholarship, and Elite Scholarship

      YZU Scholarship

      Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 8 semesters (4 years), Master 4 semesters (2 years), Ph.D. 8 semester (4 years)

      Grants of Scholarship:

      • Waiver of Tuition (20%-100%), miscellaneous fee, and Credit Fee waiver [abbreviated as Tuition Waiver]
      • Stipend

      Brief Description of Conditions for Application:

      New Students:

      • YZU Scholarship application and degree application are conducted together. No additional application documents or separate application system are required.
      • YZU Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. Applicants will be assessed by the reviewing committee based on the documents submitted in the YZU online application system.
      • The decision of the committee is final. Questions or negotiations regarding the decisions will not be responded.

      Existing Students:

      Global Affairs Office will announce the renewal/application for YZU Scholarship every semester via YZU S-mail. Students who are eligible for renewal/application MUST apply for YZU Scholarship each academic semester. Students who failed to apply by the indicated deadline will lose their scholarship.

      * Students must meet all Conditions for Application stated in Yuan Ze University Regulations for Establishment of Scholarship for Foreign Students. The above table is only a brief description for reference.

      MOE Taiwan Scholarship

      Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D. 4 years

      Grants of Scholarship:

      Bachelor: Tuition waiver up to NTD 40,000 + Monthly stipend NTD 15,000/month

      Master and Ph.D.: Tuition waiver up to NTD 40,000 + Monthly stipend NTD 20,000/month

      *MOE will pay up to NTD 40,000 each semester for each recipient's approved tuition and miscellaneous expenses. The remaining amount will be paid by the university. However, the insurance fee and the dormitory fee should be paid by students

      MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

      Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D. 4 years

      Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 30,000/month + Round trip economy class plane tickets

      MOST Taiwan Scholarship

      Applicable Degree and Duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D. 3 years

      Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 30,000/month

      TaiwanICDF Scholarship

      Nationality limitation: List of Countries Eligible for TaiwanICDF Scholarship

      Degree and Duration: Master 2 years

      Grants of Scholarship: Round trip economy class plane tickets+ Housing (YZU dormitory)+ Tuition+ Credit fees+ Insurance+ Textbook costs+ Monthly Allowance NTD 12,000/month

      Program available in YZU available for TaiwanICDF Scholarship: International Master's Program in Industrial Engineering and Management

      Elite Scholarship Program

      Status limitation: Current lecturer from South East Asia pursuing a Master's degree or Ph.D. in Taiwan.

      Degree and Duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D. 3 years

      Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 25,000/month


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