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Ms. Peng Wenhong, the founder of the Republic of China, founded Wufeng Middle School in Chiayi in 1949. As the school site was occupied by the Chiayi Garrison (now 228 Park on Daya Road, diagonally opposite to Jiazhong, Province), the garrison coordinated with the municipal government to rent out land 3A of Fangcao Farm as the school site. The extension resulted in new students.

After enrollment, there were no classrooms to attend classes. As a last resort, I rented the wooden auditorium of Chongwen Elementary School during the Japanese occupation period. After the renovation, the sugar cane was used as a compartment. The second class of high school and the first class of junior high school started classes, and there was a dormitory outside the office. Moved to the new school building after 1 year.


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