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University of Westminster Data Science and Analytics BSc Honours
University of Westminster

Data Science and Analytics BSc Honours

London, United Kingdom

3 Years


Full time

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GBP 15,400 / per year *


* international | UK: £9,250


Our Data Science and Analytics BSc will give you the combination of analytical, technical and presentation skills to convert data into valuable insights.

In a constantly changing global environment, the massive use of social networks and the Internet of Things are generating a huge and fast-growing amount of data. Data processing is carried out through increasingly complex and sophisticated computer capabilities and algorithmic models, and involves advanced storage technologies such as cloud computing.

As a result, there is currently a great need for professionals who can process, understand and present this data in an appropriate and effective way. These skills are much needed by businesses which collect data from customers, partners and from the market in which they operate to support evidence-based decision-making. Governments rely on data to improve their policies and deliver better services as well.

By studying our course, you'll develop knowledge of the fundamental principles and technologies that underpin the disciplines of maths, statistics and computing with an emphasis on the skills and theories required in data science and analytics. You'll learn how to apply cutting-edge maths, statistics and computer science techniques and tools to collect, store, prepare, analyse and visualise data while analysing and understanding organisations’ operations, environment and related issues.

Our course offers a short-term work-based learning experience that will give you the opportunity to work on a real-life problem, which is normally set by an external organisation as a small-scale project. This experience will allow you to put theory into practice by applying your knowledge and skills gained from various modules to address a real-life situation, usually within the context of a business-related problem.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to complete a year in industry (work placement) after completing the second year of your study. This will help you gain work experience and enhance your employability after you graduate. You'll be offered help and support to find and secure placement opportunities through various workshops and events organised by the Careers and Employability Service and the course team. Typically, you'll be assigned into roles involving tasks related to data science and analytics.

At the end of your studies, you'll be ready to make a valuable contribution to the workforce. Should you wish to continue your studies at the university, there are opportunities to study for a Master's degree in Business Intelligence or Big Data Technologies.

Top reasons to study with us

  • Master key data science skills – You’ll learn how to make sense of data using various machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques and how to use top programming languages such as R and Python for a career in Data Science and Analytics.
  • Boost your employability – You’ll have the opportunity to experience work-based learning, including working for a year in the industry and gaining skills that’ll give you an edge in the graduate market.
  • Use state-of-the-art computing facilities – You’ll have access to 34 specialist labs, various Operating Systems (Windows 10, Unix, Linux and Mac OSX), Microsoft development software for free, and VR hardware available in our labs to develop with
  • Develop in-demand skills – Data analysis is a growing industry, with governments and businesses in need of professionals who can analyse data to support key decision-making.
  • Learn the fundamentals – You'll graduate with knowledge of the fundamental principles and technologies that underpin maths, statistics and computing.
  • You'll qualify for free British Computer Society (BCS) academic membership for the duration of your studies. The BCS supports those working in the IT industry and has a commitment to making IT good for society. The organisation has over 60,000 members in 150 countries and a wider community of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers. Membership of the BCS will allow you to continue your professional development and enjoy a range of valuable networking opportunities.

Why study this course?

  • Learn the fundamentals
    Lay the foundations of your data and analytics career by studying the principles and technologies that underpin maths, statistics and computing.
  • Master key data science skills
    Stand out from the crowd by learning how to use machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques, as well as top programming languages such as R and Python.
  • Study in London
    Our central London location means that you'll be perfectly placed to take advantage of career and collaboration opportunities in the city.

Professional accreditation

The course is intended to fulfil the educational requirements of the British Computer Society (BSC) to fulfil the educational requirements of registration as a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and partial Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Accreditation from BCS is being sought and is currently pending.

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