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Vancouver Island University Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Vancouver Island University

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Nanaimo, Canada

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Anthropologists study what makes us human, taking a holistic approach to understanding the many different aspects of the human experience. Through the multifocal lens of Sociocultural, Biological, Archaeological and Linguistic Anthropology, Anthropologists study the biological and cultural diversity of all humanity. VIU's Anthropology program encourages the application of anthropological theory, knowledge and methods in areas such as "race" relations, social justice, cultural sensitivity training, archaeology, museum representation, resource management, human rights facilitation, human evolution as well as the interaction of culture and the environment.

The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate course work at three levels: 100 (introductory); 200 (second year); and 300-400 (advanced). The 300-400 level courses may be taken by either third- or fourth-year students. Students may take an upper-level course before completing their lower-level courses as long as they meet the specific course requirements. For advanced Anthropology students the Department of Anthropology also offers an Anthropology Honours Degree.

Unless otherwise noted ANTH 212 serves to admit students to upper-level Social Anthropology courses. ANTH 213 is the prerequisite course for upper-level Archaeology courses. ANTH 214 admits students to upper-level Biological Anthropology courses.

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