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University of Tampa CSSME and CNHS Bachelor of Science in Marine Science - Chemistry
University of Tampa CSSME and CNHS

Bachelor of Science in Marine Science - Chemistry

Tampa, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 45,878 / per year **


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** average cost for full-time undergraduate students for 2022-2023 academic year (fall and spring)


The marine chemistry degree combines the best of the marine science courses with a chemistry program of great depth, which provides myriad opportunities for the aspiring oceanographer. The ocean is the largest aqueous mixture on the planet and therefore plays an important role in modulating the exchange and chemical composition of matter between the atmosphere, bedrock, sea, and sediments. Interactions at the boundaries of the ocean affect seawater chemistry and influence the transfer and transformation of matter between reservoirs. The biological, chemical, geological, and physical processes that affect seawater constituents necessitate an interdisciplinary course of study. Using this approach, the Bachelor of Science in Marine Chemistry prepares students for a career in the marine and chemical sciences, or for further study in graduate or professional programs.

Across the four major disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, experiential learning experiences are employed that promote intellectual growth while enhancing confidence, competence, and problem-solving through numerous hands-on opportunities. Additionally, two of the chemistry faculty are chemical oceanographers, and their research provides opportunities for student research and other real-world experiences.


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