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University of South Alabama Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics
University of South Alabama

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics

Frederick P. Whiddon Administration Building, USA

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Sep 2024

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Mathematics is often described as the "queen of the sciences". It is essential to many fields, including engineering, finance, medicine, economics and the natural sciences. Math is everywhere! It is used to secure your data when you enter it online, in fraud detection, to understand medical scans, in weather prediction, for modeling wildfires and for creating efficient networks for security systems or air traffic. Studying mathematics trains you to think critically and develops strong problem-solving skills.

One branch of mathematics, called cryptography, helps to keep our information safe. When you use your credit card online, mathematics is used to encrypt this information so that a third party cannot read it. Mathematicians are also essential to national security, where their high-level problem-solving skills are used for encryption and decryption for intelligence gathering and computer security. Another branch of mathematics, called graph theory, is used to design and analyze networks, such as security, transportation or social networks.

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