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University of Redlands Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
University of Redlands

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Redlands, USA

4 Years


Full time

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The mathematics program at Redlands aims to provide you with a deep appreciation for and understanding of mathematical ideas, together with the opportunity to apply mathematical tools to problems from the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

The program emphasizes mathematical thinking and problem solving and both written and oral communication of mathematics. The department strongly values innovative teaching and student-centered learning. We occupy the second floor of one of the newest buildings on campus, Appleton Hall, and our study areas and faculty offices are busy with students and faculty talking about and working on mathematics.

The major in mathematics leads to a bachelor of science degree. After completing core courses, you can choose electives from pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics, or from courses that help you prepare for teaching middle school or high school mathematics. If you are seeking a mathematics minor, you may also choose electives from these areas.

Degree Programs

The Major

The Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics offers both breadth and depth in mathematical preparation appropriate for graduate study or work in a variety of fields. The requirements for a major in mathematics include both theoretical and applied courses. Students should plan with their advisors as they select courses appropriate to their interests and educational goals.

Students declaring a mathematics major are required to have a 2.3 cumulative GPA in the sophomore core mathematics sequences (MATH 201, or MATH 204, MATH 221, MATH 241). In order for students to maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation in four years, students should have successfully completed MATH 201, or MATH 204, MATH 221, and MATH 241 by the end of their sophomore year. In order for transfer students to graduate in two years after matriculation to the University of Redlands, they need to have completed the Calculus sequence (I, II, and III) and Linear Algebra prior to transferring to Redlands; additionally, a course in discrete mathematics or introduction to proofs is highly recommended.

The Minor

A minor in mathematics consists of six courses:

  • MATH 121 Calculus I
  • MATH 122 Calculus II
  • MATH 221 Calculus III

At least one course from

  • MATH 201 Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • MATH 204 Conjecture and Proof in Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 241 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 300 level and above

Two additional courses from

  • MATH 201 and above, to include at most one of MATH 208, MATH 212, MATH 231.

Mathematics Course Placement

Current Students: Placement results are available in Student Planning under Test Scores. Students who wish to take a math course into which they have not placed must complete the appropriate Math Lab course prior to taking the course:

  • Math 001L- Prepares students for Finite Math (Math 101) or Math for the Real World (Math 100)
  • Math 002L- Prepares students for Calculus courses (Math 118, Math 120, or Math 121)

New and Transfer Students: Students should have completed a Math Survey in the New Student Checklist to determine whether or not they will need to take Calculus.

  • Students are placed into Math 100 or Math 101 using SAT/ACT math scores submitted to the University of Redlands or by college transfer credit math courses.
  • Students that do not place into Math 100 or Math 101 need to complete Math 001L prior to taking those courses.
  • Students needing Calculus are placed into Calculus courses using ALEKS PPL or by AP Calculus (AB or BC) scores* or by college transfer credit for Calculus.

*Students with AP Calculus scores of 3 or lower need to contact the Math Department. They may need to take ALEKS PPL for Calculus placement. For further instructions, please contact: [email protected]

General Education Requirements

General Education is a broad description of the curriculum that embodies our commitment to a liberal arts education at the University of Redlands. Our general education conveys the range of fields of study, ways of thinking, and practices of scholarship and creativity that enable students to graduate as critical thinkers capable of innovatively and collaboratively adapting to challenges that come their way in the future.

Our general education is comprised of a Liberal Arts Inquiry (LAI) or Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF) curriculum.

  • Entering first-year students and transfer students arriving with fewer than 32 credits in Fall 2018 will follow the LAI curriculum.
  • All transfer and returning students with 32 credits or more (i.e., sophomores, juniors, and seniors) in Fall 2018 will follow the LAF curriculum.

Program Outcome

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