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University of Lethbridge Bachelor of Mathematics
University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Mathematics

Lethbridge, Canada

4 Years


Full time

30 Jun 2024*

Sep 2024

CAD 21,304 / per year **


* deadline for international applicants June 15, 2024

** for International Students| 6,428.50 CAD for Canadian Students| Additional fees may apply


Mathematics is the study of structure and patterns in numbers and shapes. It is an active research area, providing a language, theories and models to solve complex problems across a wide variety of scientific, industrial and economic sectors.

Over the past century, discoveries in pure mathematics have found unexpected applications in science, industry and finance, such as secure internet transactions, Google, DNA sequencing and the stock market.

As a math student, you will study both pure and applied mathematics, allowing you to see real-world applications of your studies.

The program offers courses in four main areas: algebra, analysis, number theory and geometry, and statistics. Many students opt to combine math with courses in physics, computer science, chemistry, economics, management or other areas of interest.

A mathematics education provides solid training that is sought after by employers and allows flexibility in your career choices. You will learn to tackle difficult problems employing a variety of theories and statistical models. You’ll also learn to communicate your expertise by combining your technical skills with a sound liberal education.

You will have access to state-of-the-art science and research facilities. Our computer labs feature the latest equipment and our small class sizes ensure access to your instructors whenever you need it.

Minors: Adding a minor to your degree is a great way to explore academic interests beyond your major. A minor is a set of courses comprising a secondary focus of interest. It is generally not related to your major. A minor may be required or optional. Pursue a second passion by adding a minor to your degree.

Honours thesis: If your GPA is high enough in your fourth year, you can opt to complete an undergraduate thesis course. This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn an “Honours Thesis” designation on your degree.

Experience learning: Our students have several experiential learning opportunities available to them including co-operative education, international exchanges, independent and applied studies as well as volunteer opportunities. uLethbridge is the only university in Alberta to offer cooperative education to all majors in the arts & sciences, at both the undergrad and grad level.

Student clubs & activities: The Social Mathematicians Club hosts various social activities such as movie nights and Pi Day. The Student Seminar Series offers research-related talks and activities, allowing you to develop your communication skills and share your love for the subject. You can also be part of the next university team for Putnam, a prestigious North American undergraduate contest.


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