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University of Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Education
University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) Education

3 Years


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GBP 13,450 *


* international students full time, part time £1680 per 15 credits / UK students full time £9250, part time £1155 per 15 credits / EU students full time £13450, part time £1680 per 15 credits


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"Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, examinations may be replaced by an alternative form of assessment during the academic year 2021/2022. Please refer to the Programme Specification on these pages for further details."

Why choose this course?

Do you want to make a difference?

You’re fascinated by education and its potential to improve lives. You may be undecided about becoming a teacher, but you know you want that door left open. If, when you graduate, you decide teaching is for you, you can study a 1-year Post Graduate Certificate in Education. In fact, this degree is a springboard to so many different careers. Education is all around us. Join us as we study the impact of education in a wide range of settings, including schools, community projects, workplaces, museums, and prisons. Take part in a unique opportunity to enrich a community of your choice. The Capstone Project is an exciting initiative, new for 2020, where you’ll receive £250 to invest in your own education project. You’ll become an effective communicator. You’ll inspire others. You believe that education has the power to transform lives, everywhere. So do we. This is your time to reflect. To experiment. To discover exactly what you want your contribution to be.

The best educators are excellent communicators

You believe teaching and communicating go hand in hand. You want to find engaging ways to explain things. To deliver powerful arguments. You know the way lessons are delivered is crucial to learning. We’ll teach you how to be an excellent public speaker. How to motivate and inspire your audience. We’ll explore digital communication. You’ll design engaging websites and PowerPoint presentations. You’ll learn the writing skills needed in the real world. How? Well, we’ll deliver scenario-based assignments, where every text you write is embedded in a fictional scenario. Enjoy writing in a new way. You’ll write with your audience and goal in mind. You’ll communicate with an appreciation for the environment you’re working in. This means you’ll master a range of writing styles. You’ll graduate with an impressive digital portfolio. You’ll prove yourself as an engaging and influential communicator. Most jobs need that right?

Find your direction

You’re eager to immerse yourself in the study of education. You want to be an outstanding communicator. You may not know exactly where your passion is guiding you and that’s ok. This is a journey of discovery and we’ll be with you every step of the way. When you graduate, you’ll know what you want to do. You’ll feel empowered. Plus, you’ll have the expertise to empower others.

We’re rated TEF Gold, making us one of the best universities for teaching and support.

What's the course about?

In the first year, you’ll reflect on your own learning. You’ll explore the current issues affecting education across the world. You’ll develop an inquisitive mind. Why does the 21st century need education? Question everything. Make no assumptions. You’ll approach education from a philosophical viewpoint. You’ll study issues of social mobility, unconscious bias, identity, culture, and class. You’ll examine how government policies impact education. We’ll teach you theoretical concepts around disability and inclusion. Together, we’ll bring educational theory to life. We’ll inspire you through work-based learning activities. You’ll start to analyse digital communication. Unlock the power of language. What will you create? You’ll have a unique chance to put your learning into practice when you join a department at the University of Hertfordshire. Observe the relationship between education and communication as we share our methods of delivering key messaging. This year, you’ll join a dynamic learning community. You’ll collaborate. You’ll enrich your life and that of others. You’ll feel part of something special because you are.

In the second year, you’ll further explore special educational needs and disabilities. You’ll discuss stereotypes, misconceptions, and prejudice. You’ll examine the human experience and its relationship with education. You’ll reflect upon your values and skills. We’ll teach you the evolution of education through the lens of history and culture. You’ll analyse classroom behaviour and expectations. Can tradition inform innovation? We’ll teach you education psychology. You’ll explore ideas and theories. You’ll focus your research on critical thinkers who inspire you. We’ll share our knowledge of curriculum and assessment. We’ll challenge you to distinguish between schooling and education. You’ll spend time in a work setting, which could be a SEND school, charity shop or museum. You’ll examine their communication styles and the role education plays. This is a chance to view education in a whole new light. Be curious. By the end of this year, you’ll have a good understanding of your own educational mission. You’ll feel energised by the impact you could make.

In the third year, you’ll specialise in your chosen area of education. You’ll immerse yourself in policy, educational frameworks, and concepts. Be a critical thinker. You’ll engage and educate audiences with your research. You’ll delve into different community projects. Gain valuable insights into the delivery of education. The pinnacle of your degree is the Capstone Project where you’ll collaborate with peers to engage and educate a community. This is your chance to fulfill an educational remit that matters to you. Where will your imagination take you? You could create an event to strengthen relationships in the community. Or a programme of educational activities. You could design a stimulating ‘pop up’ learning environment. We’ll even give you £250 to invest in your initiative. Make a difference. Empower. Communicate. Celebrate and showcase your work in our graduate event. By the end of this year, you’ll have a deep understanding of your educational philosophy. You’ll have a vision of how you can make a meaningful contribution. Create your own path. Your future career is waiting.


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