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University of Dundee BSc (Hons) in Mathematics
University of Dundee

BSc (Hons) in Mathematics

4 Years


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* per year of study, Scottish and EU students. Rest of UK students BSc - £9,250 per year, for a maximum of 3 years, even if you are studying a four year degree. MMath/MSci - £9,250 per year, for a maximum of 4 years, even if you are studying a five yea


Mathematics is essential:

  • to the study of science - few scientific developments are possible without underlying mathematical theories
  • essential in the construction of models of the economy, which influence the decisions of business and government
  • to the development of methods of secure communication - used by us all for banking, internet transactions, mobile phone conversations

Rated Top 10 in Scotland - National Student Survey 2017

We believe that undergraduates are best served by studying in a Division that is active in research to the highest level, and we are fortunate in having an excellent international reputation for our research work. Our courses are taught by those who have great enthusiasm for their subject, a dedication to it, and an appreciation of the needs of students.

As well as offering degrees in Mathematics and Mathematical Biology, we offer a wide range of Joint Honours Degrees, where Mathematics can be combined with a variety of other subjects, for example, Accountancy, Economics, English, Physics, and Psychology.

The core Mathematics programmes (BSc Mathematics and MMath) are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

We are a relatively small Division and are able to operate with an excellent staff/student ratio. One advantage of this is that we can get to know each student personally, and so can offer a friendly and supportive learning experience. In addition, our Student-Staff Committee meets regularly to discuss matters of importance to our students.

Computing power is used extensively in modern mathematics. Our students have access to a dedicated computer pool 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Students use computers to assist their studies at all levels, using specialist mathematics software, writing up projects and obtaining information from the internet.

Furthermore, you can join DuMaS (Dundee Mathematical Society), our student society, which regularly organises social events such as the annual ball, bowling or cinema nights, careers events and BBQs.

Joint degrees and other awards

  • MMath Mathematics
  • BSc Mathematics and Economics
  • BSc Mathematics and Financial Economics
  • BSc Mathematics and Physics
  • MSci Mathematics and Physics
  • BSc Mathematics and Psychology

Entry Requirements

Courses starting 2018
QualificationLevel 1 EntryAdvanced Entry to Level 2
SQA Higher/Advanced HigherBBBB (minimum) - AABB (typical) at Higher including mathematics at BAB at Advanced Higher including mathematics at A, plus AB at Higher in different subjects
GCE A-Level BSc: BCC (minimum) - BBB (typical) including A-Level mathematics at B
MMath: ABB at A-Level including mathematics at B
BBC - ABB at A-Level including A-Level mathematics at A
Irish Leaving Certificate (ILC)H2H2H3H3 at Higher Level including mathematics at H3Level 2 entry is not possible with this qualification
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma BSc: 30 points at Higher Level grades 5, 5, 5 to include mathematics
MMath: 32 points at Higher Level grades 6, 5, 5 to include mathematics.
A combination of IB Certificate plus other qualifications, such as A-Levels, Advanced Placement Tests or the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), will also be considered.
34 points at Higher Level grades 6, 6, 5 to include mathematics at grade 6

English Language Requirement

For non-EU students

IELTS Overall6.0


Mathematics is central to the sciences, and to the development of a prosperous, modern society. The demand for people with mathematical qualifications is considerable, and a degree in mathematics is a highly marketable asset.

Mathematics graduates are consistently amongst those attracting the highest graduate salaries and can choose from an ever-widening range of careers in research, industry, science, engineering, commerce, finance and education.

Many of our graduates enter the financial sector following career paths in accountancy, banking, the stock market and insurance.

Even if you do not take your mathematics any further than university, employers know that mathematics graduates are intelligent, logical problem solvers. With this training behind you, the career options become almost limitless.


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