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Université de Saint-Boniface Bachelor of Arts in History (double specialization: International Studies or Intercultural Leadership)
Université de Saint-Boniface

Bachelor of Arts in History (double specialization: International Studies or Intercultural Leadership)

Winnipeg, Canada

4 Years


Full time, Part time

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CAD 12,995 / per year *


* for permanent residents and Canadian citizens the price is $5140


Are you passionate about history, but are you also interested in international relations or intercultural dynamics? Do you want to develop your leadership skills and maybe pursue higher education? Sign up for our BA double specialization!

Why choose one specialty when you can choose two? The students who take our program are fascinated by history, but some wish to obtain an equally rich second education in a related field. The double specialization baccalaureate offers them two possibilities: international studies or intercultural leadership. Choose the double specialization baccalaureate if you are thinking of doing a master's degree! This program also opens the doors to several professional sectors: education, public service, international trade, diplomacy and much more.


4-year full-time program. Leads to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) double specializing in history and international studies or intercultural leadership.

Program overview

The BA Dual Honors is our most advanced arts program. It combines two in-depth training, the first in history, and the other in international studies or intercultural leadership. As part of this baccalaureate, you will learn to better understand the past and the present, while developing the professional skills required to secure your future. The training of this program ends with a concrete experience during an internship, or with a research project carried out alone or in a team.

  • Double specialization:
    History + international studies or History + intercultural leadership
  • Advanced major in history (48 credits):
    Studies the cultural, social and political evolution of Canada and the world.
  • Advanced Major in International Studies (48 credits):
    Discover the major planetary issues: migration, human rights, humanitarian support, wars and peace, climate change.
  • Advanced Major in Intercultural Leadership (48 credits):
    Explore diversity and build bridges between cultures, in a Canadian province that is at the heart of major intercultural issues.

The school has two admissions: one in September for all programs and one in January for university programs only. However, between May 1, 2022 and July 1, 2022, Canadians will still be able to register for the start of the September re-entry, while internationals will have to wait until the next re-entry, either in January 2023 or September 2023, according to their program.

The program allows you to explore many avenues for further education and various employment opportunities!

Examples of topics studied in the courses


  • Canada, Manitoba and Canadian Francophonie
  • Americas (United States, Latin America, Civil War)
  • Other regions of the world (Europe, Africa, China, Russia, Vietnam)
  • Thematic history (cinema, democracy, genres, religions, sciences)

International studies:

  • International trade
  • Diplomacy
  • Human rights
  • Climate issues
  • International economy
  • Migration
  • Wars and peace
  • UN and international organizations
  • Terrorism

Intercultural leadership:

  • Reception of refugees and immigrants
  • Intercultural communication and mediation
  • Linguistic contacts
  • Francophone cultures and literatures of the Americas
  • Ethnic and religious diversity
  • Trade
  • Métis and crossbreeding
  • Diversity accommodation policies

Additional information

Are you looking for a little less in-depth training in the same areas? USB also offers a minor (18 credits) or a major (30 credits) in history, international studies and intercultural leadership in the context of a general BA.

Continuing Studies

The BA holder could access other professional programs requiring a first bachelor's degree, such as law studies or diplomatic training from the Canadian Foreign Service Institute.

Our double specialization bachelor's graduates are perfectly equipped to access higher education, particularly the master's degree in Canadian studies from the Université de Saint-Boniface . They could also do a master's degree in history or a related social science at another university.

Job opportunities

Dual specialization bachelor of arts graduates can enter the labor market, in managerial or supervisory positions in a variety of fields:

  • Political analysis
  • International trade
  • Communication
  • Diplomacy
  • Public function
  • History
  • Immigration
  • Cultural industry
  • Journalism
  • Museology
  • International organisations
  • Government policies
  • Professional relationships
  • Government services


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