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Universitas Syiah Kuala Bachelor in English Education
Universitas Syiah Kuala

Bachelor in English Education

Banda Aceh, Indonesia

4 Years

English, Indonesian

Full time

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USD 5,150 / per year *


* tuition fee per semester: $600. Development fee, only for the first year: $350


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The program was first initiated in 1964. The English Language Education Study Program (PBSI) is one of the most favorite Study Programs in the Universitas Syiah Kuala, especially the Teacher Training and Education Faculty, which is much in demand by prospective students. In its development, this study program has graduated thousands of students who are said to be ready to compete in the world of work. Study Program Alumni English Language Education is not only accepted in the school environment but also needed in other fields of work such as Banks, Hospitals, Transmigration, Tourism, LGs, and so on. Their role is not only related to teaching English language education but also related to other sciences such as business and economics, secretarial, translator/interpreter, and tour guide.

Vision and Mission


The vision of the English Language Education Department is to become "... the leading Study Program nationally and mold outstanding graduates to compete in the national and international labor markets in 2025."


The vision above will always be realized through the six missions of the English language education study program, which will be achieved in stages from now until 2025, namely:

  • Conducting a competent educational program that molds professionals, high-quality morals, and commendable educational staff, with high integrity in order to empower national development.
  • Facilitating educational research programs, especially English language pedagogies and linguistics.
  • Organizing community service programs in the form of training, workshops, and other upgrading methods to support the natural development of human resources and education.
  • Organizing English language pedagogy as an effort to master a global communication tool to explore and transform science and facilitate international relations.
  • Building management and institutional capacity in a sustainable manner and in line with the demands of the times.
  • Improve coordination, communication, and cooperation with relevant agencies, both at the regional, national, and international levels intensively and extensively.

Period of study

The average study period of chemical engineering students is around 4 to 5 years.



Program Outcome

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