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Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) BSc in MATH@PARIS&OSLO
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)


Paris, France

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Sep 2024

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The department of mathematics (bachelor's degree) at UPMC offers a partnership with the University of Oslo whose objective is to support the international student mobility. Specific courses are offered and connected around the common and specific offers in each of the two universities.

The organization of this subject area is as flexible as possible, taking into account the specific aspects of the teaching of mathematics, the internal logic of which determines to a large extent the order in which the notions must be presented.

It makes for varied programmes of study and the possibility of refocusing your direction late into the course and offers a very solid foundation of theoretical fundamentals that will be vital in the future. Students who foresee graduating into active life will be able to find in this programme teaching that is adapted to their particular plans by choosing a set of teaching units that is less theoretical but covers a spectrum of knowledge that is wider or geared toward applications.


Further studies

– Master’s degree or engineering school.

– Preparation for a competitive exam for recruitment into a public position: CAPES in mathematics in particular but also entry into IUFM in order to become a school teacher or administrative competitive exam.

Professional integration

– Banking sectors, in insurance or industry.

Well-targeted public

Students who have a bac S and after obtaining the 60 ECTS of a first-year license (L1) with mathematics as the main subject. For example, the L1- MIME programme (mathematics, computer science, mechanics, electronics) of the integration cycle at UPMC. Students who have done one or two years of preparatory classes for the grandes écoles can enter at level L2 or L3 after their application has been examined. Students who wish to change the direction of their studies after failing in PCEM and after their application has been examined.

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