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Universidad de Leon Degree in Agricultural Engineering
Universidad de Leon

Degree in Agricultural Engineering

León, Spain

4 Years


Full time

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EUR 1,940 / per year *


* 1st year



We train trained professionals to apply Engineering to agroindustrial, livestock, agricultural and agro-environmental activities, with teams of highly prestigious professors and practical training and through the use of high-quality facilities and laboratories.

What we offer you

  • Access to the profession of Agricultural Technical Engineer.
  • Teams of highly prestigious teachers.
  • Farm of 16 hectares for the realization of practices.
  • Modern and well equipped laboratories for the teaching of the different disciplines.
  • Large number of agreements for internships.
  • National and international mobility programs (Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, United States, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic , Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam).

Professional outings

Access to the profession of Agricultural Technical Engineer (with professional competencies specific to the degree)

Access to the body of Agricultural Technical Engineers of public administrations (State Oppositions, Autonomous Communities, etc)

Consultancy in agrarian engineering, drafting of projects and work management: public or private companies, technical cabinets, or work as a freelance professional

Management and technical assistance in agricultural operations, livestock farms, agri-food industries, irrigation, etc.

Studies and professional works related to the rural environment: land planning, topography and cartography, appraisals and appraisals. Environmental impact assessment

Technical-commercial work for companies of supplies for agriculture and the agrifood company

Management and management of farms or groups of producers

Business work management and technical direction, product development, research and experimentation

Quality control and processes. Security systems and environmental protection.



  • CB1 - That students have demonstrated to possess and understand knowledge in an area of study that starts from the base of general secondary education, and is usually found at a level that, although supported by advanced textbooks, also includes some aspects that imply knowledge coming from the vanguard of their field of study.
  • CB2 - That students know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional manner and possess the skills that are usually demonstrated through the elaboration and defense of arguments and the resolution of problems within their area of study.
  • CB3 - That students have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their area of study) to make judgments that include a reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues.
  • CB4 - That students can transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to a specialized and non-specialized public.
  • CB5 - That students have developed those learning skills necessary to undertake further studies with a high degree of autonomy.


  • CG1 - Ability to prepare, design, write and sign engineering technical documents in different areas related to the associated professional competences.
  • CG2 - Ability to learn about new technologies to apply to the processes of their professional field, considering new conditions.
  • CG3 - Ability to direct works and engineering works, according to deontological criteria.
  • CG4 - Ability to manage and manage economic activities related to the field of their profession.

Access and admission of students

Access to the Official Bachelor University Teaching of the University of León as well as its admission procedures are regulated by Royal Decree 1892/2008, as amended and by the agreements reached by the Interuniversity Commission of Castilla y León.

Quality guarantee system

The University of León following the guidelines of the ENQUA (European Association for Quality Assurance) that establishes what are the European Criteria and Guidelines for internal quality assurance in Higher Education institutions, has developed, for years, the policy and internal procedures for the quality assurance of the institution, with a commitment to the culture of quality through strategies of continuous improvement and the development of procedures at the service of the institution that allow to involve all the agents of the same.

In this sense, from the Office of Evaluation and Quality (OEC) of the University of Leon has developed a Support Tool for Tracking of Titles with the main objective of providing Quality Commissions of the Centers / Departments / Institutes of the ULE of an internal information management tool that facilitates the coordination and proper development of the FOLLOW UP of the Official Degrees of the University of León.

In the tool, the necessary information is available to perform:

  • Follow-up Process of the Official Degrees both internally by the ULE, and externally according to the criteria established by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Castilla y León (ACSUCYL)
  • Decision making of the institution.


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